bbfw 2014

For a brief moment I wanted to rip my shirt off with my bare hands and scream “feed me more” like WWE wrestler Ryback but with my son in hand and realization of my surroundings I had to refrain. BBFW 2014 had awaken my inner beast and left me hungry for more. The independence weekend […]

Natz The Rebel

Hey my Trendsetters, I’m backkkk…. To all my readers I deeply and humbly apologize for being M.I.A over the last couple of months. As much as I wanted to be blogging as usual, time just kept alluding me. So much has happened, but I won’t dive into every detail of the last couple of months […]


Congratulations are in order for one of our local magazines Pompasette on the successful launch of their 4th issue on December 14th. Every editor’s wish is to be able to continue publicizing print worthy magazine and editor Toni Thorne was able to accomplish this with her style and fashion biannual magazine was filled with features, […]


For this year’s BBFW along with my media pass to cover the event, I was also granted an all access pass which gave me permission to venture backstage. I must admit that I chose to take pics of the models coming down the runways and chatting with designers and fellow bloggers. However, I did manage […]

byfield 1

All good things must come to and end…. For the final night of Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week (BBFW) belonged to the men. The featured designer of the night was Carmichael Byfield of House of Byfield hailing from Rotterdam, Netherlands. He stepped away from the concept of the more tradition suits and produce an array of colorful, edgy, modern day […]

kiss 3

After the rain out comes the sun; Shining in the sky bright like a diamond. With a sunny start for the second day, Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week 2013 (BBFW) was very eventful with the first ever kids fashion show and a night that proved to be one that was not to be missed by any […]

shakad 4 - bbfw

Through the rainy weather I waddle and wade, No Mr. Rain, you can’t rain on my parade…. Fashion lovers braved the heavy showers to head to the Independence Square for the spectacular of the first night of Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week 2013 (BBFW). For the first night, the talented barbadian designers were they showcased their […]

BBFW 2013 Runway Show Schedule

All those who wander aren’t lost…. For those of you who follow my blog would have noticed that I have blogged in a while and for that I would first like to apologize for my absence. I missed being in touch with you trendsetters but so much has happened between my last blog post and […]

Natz and Njeri

The time is definitely here as the planning stage is over and now its on to the execution stage. Today fellow barbadian fashion blogger Njeri of Fashion! Lights! Couture! will be debuting our 1st episode of many for our collaborating video blog Island Chic. We both have our individual blogs but we share similar likes and […]

Kenneth Barlis

  They always say never judge a book by its cover and this saying absolutely applies to the talented Kenneth Barlis with his baby-face features and shy manner. Born in Pagadian City in the Philippines, Kenneth later moved to San Diego at the age of 16 with his family. Always thought to follow in his […]


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