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The Newbie

As you may know I have started a healthy telax hair journey  and the time to end my relaxer stretch had come after a slight set back in December 2014, my relaxed … Continue reading

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I Signed Up For This Regimen

Hey Trendsetters, so I’m off and running on my healthy telaxed hair journey where my main goals are health and length retention, I am aiming for  between Shoulder Length or longer if possible by December … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Outfits For The Hooked, Hitched or Free

Some people get wild and giddy each year when Valentine’s Day comes around and other for various reasons cringe at the idea. But the bottom line is my trendsetters is that … Continue reading

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Couture Week 2015 Wearable Hair and Beauty Trends

Hey Trendsetters, we all know that Couture Fashion Week is known for its beautiful, over exaggerated, crazy-chic, theatrical designs as shown in My Top S/S 2015 Couture Collections but its not all about … Continue reading

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My Top S/S 2015 Couture Collections

The media was once again buzzing with excitement, Couture Fashion Week 2015 showcased some marvellous collections that were full of pieces that are red carpet worthy and perfect for the … Continue reading

February 5, 2015 · 1 Comment

Hairs To A Better Tomorrow

Normally I just blog about fashion related topics but this year I’ve decided to get a bit more personal with my trendsetters family. I will be bringing hair and beauty … Continue reading

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My Top 5 Spring/Summer Trends

For some of my readers I know it’s still freezing outside, but lucky for me I’m in Barbados soaking up the sunshine (sorry didn’t mean to rub it in). However, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

There is nothing like a fresh calendar year….. a brand new 365 days   This is not another “New Year, New Me” post because we all know that most of … Continue reading

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Last post my trendsetters, I told you that the fashion beast within me was awaken and I was left hungry for more. Well, I was given the opportunity to feed this … Continue reading

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(BBFW) Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week 2014

For a brief moment I wanted to rip my shirt off with my bare hands and scream “feed me more” like WWE wrestler Ryback but with my son in hand … Continue reading

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