Steps To Happy Parenting

Happy New Year to all my Trendsetters, I hope that this year will be filled with not only success, prosperity and happiness but also with plenty of style and flair throughout 2016. As tradition will have it, many of us have made New Year’s Resolutions and or Year Goals. However, this year I’ve decide to also make a Parenting New Year Resolution and on this list will be things that I will be very mindful of as I continue on my journey of motherhood.

My Parenting New Year Resolution


  • Letting Go Of Old Childhood Story:
    We all want the best for our children but we don’t want to rob them of their childhood by trying to recreate our old childhood. Let us not try to mold them into someone we think we could have been, or unconsciously pass on our childhood fears of bad experiences in an attempt to protect them. Don’t trap them, let their spirits be free and let them go out to create their own experiences and memories.


  • Stop Worrying:
    Worrying does nothing, absolutely nothing…well apart from leaving our nerves in a wreck. At the end of it all, after we work ourselves up with worry our children aren’t any safer, or better off; so let’s do what we can to help them and share the moment with them.


  • Put An End To Yelling:
    We tend to yell when we’re angry but yelling doesn’t solve anything. The results from yelling are obtained through intimidation and it’s effect is temporary and in the long run it weakens the relationship. Eventually yelling will bear little or no effect on the child and this will lead to even more parenting difficulties.


  • Stay Clear Of Negative Messages:
    Sometimes our children’s behavior can make us really upset but we have to be very mindful of what we say to our children as their minds are very impresionable. Try to correct their bad behavior with positive statements instead of harsh negative comments.
    You’re knocking down everything, can’t you keep quiet!?!
    You’re keeping very busy today, why not take a break for a snack or drink.


  • Listen At All Times:
    Even when we think it’s small issues or irrelevant and in my case mere babble, always listen attentively to our children no matter what. If we don’t listen now when they’re little, they won’t tell us the bigger issues when they’re older because in their eyes it’s always been important issues to them.


  • Ask For Help:
    In our children eyes we might seem to them as super heroes but we don’t know it all, or can do everything alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help whether it be from a partner, a family member or a friend; we all need support, somebody we can lean on.


  • Take Time For Myself:
    On any busy day it’s very easy to spend all our time doing countless chores and errands. However, in order to successfully take care of our children, our physical and mental health is important. So, dedicate a couple of minutes or even an hour if you can, to do something you love and give our minds and bodies a break.


With that being said, I know as the year continue other things are liable to pop up, but I’ll stay open to adapting to the situations at hand. So in 2016 is all about happy son, happy mom.


All the best in 2016 Trendsetters

Surviving The Struggle Of Motherhood


Motherhood goes from one extremity to another. One minute it’s all smiles and laughs next minute it’s tears and crying. You may feeling like your at your breaking point and want to pull your hair out, scream, cry, or even run away; but there’s no shame in feeling that way because every mother has their bad days contrary to how some mothers “act” or “post to be“. Most of the day my home is littered with toys and as for my appearance, a turban and my yoga clothes are my best friend; the heels, fancy clothes, makeup and my hair are reserved for when I’m leaving home. As a mother my time is precious and limited but that don’t meant I can’t switch it up!!!! Come on now, mom-ma can go from 0 to 100 real quick….

However let us be honest, there are days when I don’t want to get out of bed but I have to, so I get up and brave the day. Some days my son can destroy a tidy room in less than a hour and the rest of the day would be fully packed and without fail I can guarantee there’ll be something that will pop up to make my day even more challenging. However with time I’ve found it’s just a matter of finding a way to cope. When I feel it’s a bit overwhelming, I usually leave my son to play with his toys or put him to watch either Baby TV or Chu Chu TV and just leave the room for a moment. A moment, just to be in quietness and recharge or to do something that would take my mind away from the situation. As the frustration mellows down, I realize that many moms wish they could spend more time with their child and at the end of it all I’m blessed to be able to laugh, pretend, teach and watch him grow. So it doesn’t matter if he throws a crying fit because he may be tired or can’t get something done or that he creates a mess a round the house leaving a trail of toys where ever he goes; over all he’s happy, healthy and having fun.

So to the tired and over-stressed mother, who might be wondering why do you feel so fatigue mentally and physically; well its not just because you’re literally running behind your child but probably also that you’re being too hard on yourself. Just remember that you’re doing your best, take a deep breath and count to ten. Hey, you’re not alone out there lost at sea, because I as well as many other moms are in the same boat.

BBFW 2015 Review

bbfw 2015

This year marked the 10th year of Barbados Bridgetown Fashion Week and it was once time again for fashion lovers to gather and see the SS 16 collections of up and coming designers. I’m still basking in the glow of the collections that were featured on November 21st and 22nd. I have to admit the students of the Caribbean Market Center, D’Marsh Couture, the Barbados National Dress Project as well as the Yendor bag collection stole the spotlight for me as they produced some very outstanding collections, each with it’s own unique artistic voice.

Here are my favorite looks from the designers of both nights:


When I saw the Him by Mark Pierre, three words came to mind. All I think was punk, edgy and androgynous. This collection would be ideal for the man who loves to push the fashion boundaries.



As for the collection I Am Nyvek, let me just say that every woman present that night wanted at least one piece from this collection. There was great detail paid to these pieces and in my opinion the whole collection was clean and looked effortless.




D’Marsh Couture from the USA showcased both a men’s and women’s collection that both had a fun flamboyant side to them. The looks were polished but still a relaxed vibe.



The Barbados National Dress Project by Rodney Powers was themed Wear It With Pride and as the blue and yellow stripes came down the runway being a fellow Barbadian I felt extremely proud and I would love to cop the shift dress from this collection.


The showcase of the Yendor bag collection titled Body And Sole also by Rodney Powers peaked my interest as the bag were made using the leather of the black belly sheep, which is an animal indigenous to our country Barbados. The bags came in a wide variety with something for every taste level with clutches, chain strap, backpacks and other styles. My overall opinion was that they had a sophisticated look with great detail and craftsmanship.


*Photos have been edited for this post, original photos are from Muze Caribbean*

Click the link below to see all the collections that were featured.

Muze Caribbean

Six Things My Son Has Taught Me


As my friends and family living in the USA celebrated the holiday Thanksgiving, I reflected on how much I am so grateful for my son and how my perspective on life has really taken a different direction since his birth. At first motherhood seemed a bit daunting but eventually I got the hang of things and the highs certainly have outweighed the lows. Funny as it may seem with his babble and all, my son has been teaching me as much as I am teaching him to the point where I can see what truly matters in life.

  • Have An Open Mind
    I’ve realized my son is totally carefree and innocent about life. In his quest for knowledge as he explores his environment around him, he sees no race, age, gender or religion. Everyone is worthy of his friendship and he’s willing to be taught new things. Because of this I’ve come to see that I should judge less, anyone can teach you a lesson and life is a continuing learning experience and I need to be fearless in my endeavors.
  • Patience
    When my son has his own little schedule in his head that clashes with my timing of getting things done; feeding time and getting dressed involves me running behind a non-willing participant who won’t stay still. I have learnt how to give up the need of constant control as somethings just need to take their natural course.
  • Find Pleasure In Simplicity
    It is a joy to be around my son, his smiles and giggles are heart warming. It’s so amazing how simple things like his reflection in the mirror, the sight or sounds of animals, even taking him for stroll can be more appealing to him than playing with his toys. As I take this into perspective, it surely proves that life doesn’t have to be as complicated and materialistic as we adults make it. Time spent with people and sharing experiences together are just simple pleasantries that are remembered and valued more, most times over tangible gifts.
  • Unconditional Love
    From the first time I looked into my son’s eyes I felt pure love. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him and all I get in return are loads of smiles, sloppy kisses and super tight hugs. This is why I try to genuinely help others deserving of my aid more, because life is made better through selfless devotion.
  • Laugh More
    Laughter and babies go hand in hand and my son will laugh at any and everything including himself. This has lead me not to take myself and life too seriously but rather let go, take a step back or step away from anything that doesn’t bring me joy.
  • Determination
    No matter him many times my son falter while doing something he continues to try and try again before he either succeeds or move on to something else. His determination has shown me that I should never easily give up on something but rather be ready to try again and again; fall down 7 times, get back up 8 times. Also, if I have to throw in the towel, it’s perfectly OK, at least I know I made a valiant effort.



Even though he’s just a toddler, my son is a genius already….

MILF For Life

Today’s post is for all the mothers who want to add some spice to their lifestyle and do away with the matronly way of dressing. By the end of this I really hope that I’ve helped you blossom into a true MILF. Oh yes ladies we’re about to bring the sexy back.


Some of you may be wondering what am I talking about, well MILF generally stands for Mother I‘d Like to F…… I think you get the idea but this usually brings to mind sleazy and tramp like images and that’s not what I’m talking about; I’m referring to Mother In Love with Fashion. She’s a mother no matter her dress size, is fit and healthy and both men and women love to see her. There are even times other mothers secretly wish to be like her. Hello who would want this?!? So just by taking into consideration the following tips you’ll be a MILF Pro in no time and there would be no doubt that you are a hot mom-ma.

  • Wear Makeup:
    We all know the process that goes into full glam makeup application, I understand that as a mother time is both precious and limited. What I’m talking about is taking 5 minutes to simply apply a quick touch of lipstick, a dab of a neutral color eye shadow, some mascara, shaping those brows and you’re done.
  • Wear A Fragrance:
    Pleasant smells are known to improve ones mood as well as affect the perception of other people. I know you might not want to use your designer fragrance on simple days but a good body splash or scented lotion can have you smelling sweet as the roses. It’s a great idea for when you’re running errands.
  • Show Some Skin:
    At the end of the day you’re still a woman, a female; never separate the “fe”from the male as the “fe”stands for femininity. Just because you have a child, it doesn’t mean you have to act like you put the mother in Mother Goose. So feel free to show some cleavage, some legs, a sexy back and if you’re one of the fortunate ones, flash that flat tummy. However under no circumstance wear anything publicly that shows all at the same time (keep that for private viewing). We still want to have a level of dignity and not look stripper like as you’ll be representing the type of woman your daughter wants to emulate or the type of woman your son would like to marry.
  • Attitude:
    It’s not all about the outward appearance, confidence is very attractive. We portray to others what we believe we are we are inside, so you have to carry yourself in a way that says you know who you are and what you are about. Look in the mirror and say “Yeah I’m a MILF so what!”

Before you head out make sure you’ve applied these tips and you’ll be MILF as simple as that.


Until next time hot mom-mas.

Fashion Fridays _ Overall Impressed

The Overalls Edition

Overalls are everywhere, you can get them in pants or dresses, long or short, even in colors and textiles other than blue denim. This look gives an simple effortless appearance that is not only comfortable but trendy as well. Once a wardrobe staple reserved for farmers during the depression era, hence dubbed the name “farmer browns”; they then later popped up throughout the history of fashion in the 60’s and 70’s with the hippie movement and then with rise of pop icons in the 80’s and 90’s. Nowadays, overalls are apart of modern day street style and when done right, you can look really superb and not like if you just walked off a farm.

Short Pants Overall



This look consists of: floral crop top, seaweed green overall and laced-up heeled booties.

Midi Dress Overall



This look consists of: white crop top, sage green midi dress overall and white converse.

Happy Fashion Friday my trendsetters.

The Scarfs For Summer Campaign


Hey there again my trendsetters, I know the title of this post probably will have some of you thinking “what!?!” some of you may even be already saying “this girl gone and lost her mind, talking about scarfs and summer in the same sentence!!!” I know, I know, summer is all about shedding away the layers of clothing and soaking up the sun, but as I was browsing through my closet I came across my collection of scarfs and the wheels began to turn in my head. I thought to myself that it was such a shame to keep these beauties tucked away; for sure scarfs can be used for more than just covering a pair of cold shoulders or for wearing during the colder months. I love scarfs, I think they are great accessories and simply amazing as they can be tied and styled in so many different ways.

Of all the many options available out there, I chose these chic ways to utilize scarfs which I found to be great for summer time.

Wear as a Head Tie

Summer was meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, minimize time spent on hair with a quick fix on a lazy day or for a bad hair day.

Accessorize A Hat

Add spunk to a simple hat.

Wear As A Halter Top

Because you never have enough halter tops during summer.

Wear As A Wrap

Who says swimsuit cover-ups have to be boring.

Hopes this gives you some inspiration to rock some scarves during this summer.

Until next time keep it cute and classy.

Fashion Fridays_Fantasic Florals

The Flower Edition

Happy Fashion Friday to all Trendsetters, hope all is well with you. Yesterday I posted a DIY tutorial “Rock It Yourself: Summer Florals” where I showed you how to make a floral headband and a floral bralette top. Today I’m going to give some inspiration on how you can incorporate these beautiful DIYs into your wardrobe. After all it’s summer, it’s time to have fun!

Floral Headband

This look consists of: Floral Headband, Circle Frames Shades, Custom Made White Top, Olive Maxi Skirt,Tan Belt and Tan Gladiator Sandals.

Floral Bralette Top

This look consists of: Floral Bralette Top, Aviator Shades, White Watch, White Cardigan, Denim Cutoffs, White Belt and White Converse.

Hope this has you Trendsetters thinking of some cool ideas.

Until next time.

Healthy Hair Journey Update _ Protective Styling

I know some of my Trendsetters maybe wondering how the healthy hair journey is going, so this post it to give an update on  how my process is coming along. On one hand, thanks to my hair regimen I have experienced some steady hair growth and on the other hand, I did a mini chop eliminating all the straight relaxed ends which felt so liberating and that makes me now fully telaxed. However, because of the mini chop I went from shoulder length to just below nape length which may seem as if it my hair hasn’t grown much in terms of length comparison but on the bright side it has gotten much thicker.


One of the factors that played a part in my decision to cut away the relaxer ends was when I saw the  above pic on Instagram and it made me really think, “do I really want to hang onto to these ends just for the sake of saying my hair is now at a different measurement level?” Honestly, no, I  prefer health over length as with time healthy hair will grow but damage hair will just break off eventually. My answer to the pic would be A, unfortunately I didn’t take a pic before I cut off the relaxed ends but here’s a pic of my texture at 20 weeks post my last telaxed process on January 25 2015.


Apart from wearing milkmaid braids here’s a look at the protective styles I’ve done over the last couple of months……




Before this hair journey I always used extensions and braids as my protective styles, but I have found the use of wigs to be fun I can achieve a natural look which takes less time to acquire whether it be a different colour, long, short, curly or straight. I’ve found it easier to do than going through the time-consuming process of styling my thick mane, while dealing with a busy toddler and my day-to-day activities. The wigs aid with my relaxer stretch where I can prolong the time period longer, help to avoid the risk of damaging my hair and scalp from excess combing and pulling as some styles it requires a lot of manipulation and they allow me still have full access to my hair where I can moisturize,wash and condition weekly.


I don’t sleep in the wig I only wear it when I’m going out, 

I allow my natural hair to breathe otherwise

and at night I tie my head with a silk scarf.

What protective styles do you use and do you have hang-ups over wearing wigs and other faux hair?

Fashion Fridays _ Athleisure Trend

The Active Wear Edition


It’s Fashion Friday Trendsetters and today we’re keeping it cool, calm and collective. I’m going to show you how I rock the Athleisure Trend. It’s a playful fusion of athletic wear and regular fashion pieces, where you can express your personal style and still feel and look all dressed up without looking like your going to the gym. The key is to mix and match textures, patterns and use pops of color all the while keeping your look more leisure than athletic. Hey you can’t go wrong, its comfy and versatile.

Here are a few ensembles:

   Sometimes it’s good to show off a little bra…..


Sports Bra Options

Beware of leggings posing as tights, as they are unforgiving and the devil in disguise….


Workout Tights Options

When chic and comfort collide…..


Sneakers Options

Athleisure Trend

image These are just a few options to get the wheels turning in your heads because I know that you Trendsetters can recreate this trend in so many other different ways. Side note, please ignore my “ let me show how strong I am ” facial expression ….. So until next time, remember it’s always style over fashion; style is who you are and fashion is what you buy.