Fashion Essentials

Being fashion conscious doesn’t mean you have to go break a bank just because you can’t splurge money on haute couture designs, neither does it  means you can’t still be trendy. A fashion forward woman’s wardrobe should reflect quality and not quantity with more versatile looks that could be worn in different ways for different occasions.  Invest your money in  essentials and basics, also customize and recycle old outfits to get new and unique pieces to acquire your desired look that suits your lifestyle.

A fashionista is always associated with having tons of clothes and accessories; but most of us don’t have the option of  having a walk-in wardrobe, so we end up with wardrobes crammed with clothes and spilling over with shoes and bags, plus  a clutter of accessories. The real problem is  the urge to buy new ones because we don’t have anything to wear or feel that our outfit is incomplete. The reason for this is that  we are lacking the wardrobe essentials that every woman should have. These essentials are the base of your styling and should be pieces that never fade no matter the trend and flexible enough to create various looks. Theses pieces  fall into two categories:

Canvas: they have to be accentuated and build upon to create the look desired.

Mediator: they either tone down or glam up an outfit.

So here are the top essentials, stick by this  list add then to your latest trends and you will to be always be fabulously chic and glamorous.

Hair Accessories: hair bands, clips  and other hair details can make a simple up-do  or keep hair out of the face in a glamorous way.

 Statement Jewellery: a look can be changed dramatically with touch of a statement  jewelry piece be it earrings, bangles, rings, brooches or necklaces.

 ■ Sun Glasses: find a pair that suits your face and rock them with your outfit as they add a level of mystery.

 Lingerie Corsets and Underwear: the secret to ensure the proper fit of your outfit, depends on getting the support and slimming effect where you need it the most.

Jewel Tones: clothing in these hues will add a subtle burst of color to your wardrobe, keeping the look  vibrant.

Vests and T-Shirts: perfect  as they can be worn either dressed up or laid back. Also they are  ideal for creating that layering effect. Choose from the basic cut or from the various styles like v-necked, low round collar, with a pocket, long or short sleeves.

Blazers, Cardigan and Jackets: they create a chic sophisticated look and instantly completes any look making it appear well put together.

 Jeggings and Leggings: One of God’s gifts to women, they are multipurpose  as they can be worn at most events, plus they add length to the legs and are comfortable.

Jeans: another piece that can be worn dressed up or laid back. They are many styles of jeans but the style that never fades are straight jeans. The key is to choosing the perfect jeans are to buy pair that fit you well. Also, at least have one jeans of color amongst your traditional blue jeans to change the vibe up a little.

Little Black Dress:  worn night or day, work or play; choose a black dress that flatters your body shape. Depending on the design of the dress it can be worn either glammed up with high-heels or toned down with flats.

Vintage Clothes: dress in all over vintage clothes  you’ll look like a blast from the past; but more incorporate a vintage pieces into your look and they will give you an edge.

An Attractive Purse: even though it spends most of it time in your bag, your purse should be chic portraying a little of your personality and functional as much as possible.

A Colorful Bag: such a basic accessory but it can be a statement piece no matter the size or shape can add life to a simple outfit.

A Cross-Body Bag: small and trendy and are great to hold your essentials giving a more carefree feeling.

High-Heels: a nice pair of heels is the perfect fashion statement that makes your legs seem longer, highlights femininity and gives a boost in confidence. Always have a black pair as they tend to go with everything along with your other shades of colors.

 ■ Flats: whether they are ballet or sandals, flats are chic and are comfortable and they too can guarantee the feminine appearance. Most important is that they can be worn with almost any outfit.



At the end of it all the most essential thing you should have in your wardrobe is Your Own Style, which reveals your personality and uniqueness.

So there you have it, the fashion essentials every woman should have in her wardrobe; what other essentials do you think are vital; let’s me have a hear from you.

The Legacy

Gianni Versace

When there is a man who can inspire his peers, admirers and rivals alike; bring vitality to an industry at a time when it was considered out of touch with the people; and even create an empire that in his absence still continues to grow. Then there is no doubt, he is truly a legend and his name will be always on the lips and in the hearts and minds of others; fashion guru Gianni Versace. He was known throughout the fashion industry as one who poured his love into his designs.

The infamous Gianni Versace lived a flamboyant life from December 2, 1946 to July 15, 1997. Versace grew up with his father, dressmaker mother Francesca and older siblings Santo, Donatella and Tina (died at age 12) in Reggio, Calabria, Italy. From a very young age Versace began his apprenticeship where he helped his dressmaker mother who taught him how to cut and make clothes in her small tailor shop she ran to support the family. It is said that at the tender age of nine he created his first dress. Not long after, he too was selling clothes from his mother’s shop as he greatly enjoyed the art of designing clothes. He went on to study architecture and worked as a fabric buyer before moving to fashion capital Milan at 25 yrs to work in fashion design for various top designers.

A young Versace drew his inspirations from Ancient Roman and Greek art in addition to modern abstract art. While working for fashion designer Complice, Versace’s personal drive and passion began to turn heads and created such a stir that he was asked by Complice to design an entire leather and suede collection. His striking work opened avenues to the first appearance of the Versace name under a line in one of Complice other collection. The success he received afterwards motivated him to present his first signature collection for women in 1978 at the Palazzo della Permanente Art Museum, Milan. September of that same year, he presented his first men collection and soon after opened his first boutique in Via della Spiga, Milan, where he sold his own designs alongside other labels.

During the 80’s, Gianni Versace became known for designs made with eye-catching colours, materials and cuts that played tastefully along the thin line between sexy and vulgar. Versace’s great achievements lead to the opening of other boutiques around the world and literally in no time at all he had an empire worth millions. As the Versace brand thrived, he founded an international fashion house which produced not only clothes but included accessories, fragrances, make-up and even home furnishings.

Versace’s work brought him many awards and honors. On January 24 1986, Versace was conferred the decoration of Commedatore della Repulica Italiana. He was also honored by an exhibition called “L’abito per pensare” (Clothes for thinking), which showed in Milan, Paris, London, and New York in 1989. One of his greatest moments was in 1993 February 1, where Versace was awarded the American Fashion Oscar. He was credited for his contribution to the evolution  of the term “supermodel” as he was willing to pay large sums of money to particular models like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington for print and runway shows.


On July 15, 1997, the fashion world was sadden by the murdered of Versace aged 50.  He was shot to death in front of his mansion in Miami, Florida as he returned from a morning walk. After his sudden death the Versace family was quoted saying, “business will continue as planned”. His brother and sister took over the fashion house and continue to make immaculate creations.

Gianni Versace, who also designed costumes for theatre, opera and ballet had a ballet in tribute to his work titled Grazi Gianni con amore (Thanks Gianni, With Love) was performed in  La Scala, Milan, Italy. This was done to mark the 10th anniversary of his death, specially written by French choreographer  Maurice Béjart, for whom Versace designed many stage costumes. Another tribute was made in October 2002, when he was honored with a retrospective of his work at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London where the featured the most of his popular designs.  Gianni Versace maybe gone, but he’ll never forgotten; a past but still yet very present fashion designer.

On that note, let’s take a leaf out of the many chapters of Versace’ s life and have the courage to believe in and stay true to ourselves. Remember to always do you, because even though you can’t control fashion, you can dictate your own style!

Information and pictures were provided by public relations agencies and other public sources.

I’m Every Woman

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to work, on a date, or to any social event on your calendar; what’s important is that you dress to look your best and make an impression.  But here is the problem, you open the closet and just stand there with a blank stare.  The problem isn’t that you don’t have clothes, but that you don’t know which  suit you best. So let’s get down to the basics, strip down to your bra and panties and take a long good look in the mirror and evaluate yourself. When it comes to body shapes most women tend to fall in the same fruit basket; but then there are others whose bodies are from a whole different time zone. The key to successfully dressing doesn’t depend on the fashion trends or fads, but knowing and understanding your body shape and creating an illusion with the right clothing of what you don’t have.

Hourglass Shape

Before we take a bite out of the fruits, let’s take look at the time starting with the hourglass body shape. My curvy sisters, you are full in the bust and bottom, both having around the same measurements in contrast to the waist which goes in at the smaller in the middle; also, your shoulders will be around the same measurements as your hips too.  You have a sexy body by nature so your challenge is to not dress with baggy clothes or deliberately sexy. The hourglass shape is considered to the perfect shape, but contrary to the belief, not all fashion fads will compliment this curvy body as most clothes are designed to fit the straight up and down shapes. But you can still look your best when you wear fitted clothes but make sure they’re not too tight and remember to complete your look with accessories. Stay clear of formless baggy clothing.  Two celebrities with hourglass are Kim Kardashin and Mariah Carey.

Emphasis Your Best:

  • Shoulders: a fitted jacket, or a jacket with puff-sleeves or epaulettes.
  • Bust: a simple shirt tucked in and unbuttoned to reveal a little cleavage.
  • Waist: waist-clenching belts will draw attention to your small waist.
  • Hips: high-waist wide leg trousers or straight legged jeans, skirts especially pencil skirts and draping dresses will accentuate and highlight your curves.

Apple Shape

Now that we have the time in check, let’s look in the fruit basket and take a bite out of an apple. Dressed in the right clothing, you my sisters are pure eye candy, caramel apples to be exact. You have great cleavage and or legs; your shoulders and hips are smaller in measurement in comparison to the waist which is where you carry your weight without a well-defined waistline. So your challenge is to sculpt your midriff, creating a smaller waist which can be acquired with the use of body control underwear pulling you in at the waist or a belt to then draw attention to your best parts. Steer away from boxy jackets and pleated and tiered skirts. Sharing your shape are two celebs, Queen Latifah and Elizabeth Hurley.

Emphasis Your Best:

  • Neckline: drop earrings keep the attention on the jaw line and face.
  • Shoulders: tailored ingle breasted jackets adds an outline to the upper body.
  • Bust: v-necks and scoop neck tops and wrap dresses draw the eye upwards away from the mid-section.
  • Waist: A-line skirts or full skirts will create a smaller waist.
  • Legs: straight or boot cut trousers lengthen the look of your legs.

Pear Shape

You can rock the booty pop my bootilicious sisters, that’s because your weight goes straight to your bottom and legs. My apple shape sisters when you look in the mirror have those large hips which are wider in measurement compared to your bust and shoulders with a well-defined waist. Your challenge is to balance your lower half with your upper half by adding more shape and structure above the waist. Be vigilant of overly tight skirts and pant that make your bottom too big and unbalanced in regards to the rest of your body.  Two pear shape celebrities are Beyoncé Knowles and Jennifer Lopez.

Emphasis Your Best:

  • Neckline: v-necks, strappy fitted at waist tops as well as, strap-less maxi tops and dresses accentuate your top half.
  • Shoulders: jackets with shoulder pads that fall on the hip line make your shoulders wider and flatter you.
  • Bust:  increase your cup sizes a padded bra for an extra confidence boost.
  • Waist: wear your belt across the smallest part to draw attention to your waist.
  • Hips: A-line skirts, skirts with pleats create curves.
  • Legs: boot-cut jeans will elongate the legs.

Strawberry Shape

Strawberries should bring into your thoughts you, your man and whip cream. The sexist fruit in the basket, you my sisters are voluptuous. Your upper body is bigger than your lower part, because you have large bust, broad shoulders in comparison to an undefined waist, small hips and flat bottom. You tend to look top-heavy, so your challenge is to balance your top half with your bottom half. Shun shoulder pads puff sleeves, epaulettes and halter necks (can be worn if paired with the right jacket) and tapering trousers. Your two strawberry shape celebs are Selma Hayek and Pamela Anderson.

Emphasis Your Best:

  • Bust: wrap tops, narrow v-necks,
  • Waist: a belt to define the waist.
  • Hips: A-line skirts, pants with pocket details to widen hips and      create curves.
  • Legs: boot cut and wide leg pants and makes the legs appear longer.

Banana Shape                                     

Bananas are mainly associated with monkeys, but you my sisters are no monkeys, you go straight up and down and are evenly balanced with no main focus points; all in all the model type body. You have relatively small breast, with hips and shoulders that are around the same measurements and your waist line is undefined with a flat bottom. Some women prefer your shape as most clothes fit you; nevertheless you have a deep desire for curves. Your challenge is to create an illusion of curves on the top and bottom. Avoid low-rise jeans and trousers as they tend to make your upper body longer. Victoria Beckham and Nicole Kidman are two banana shape celebrities.

Emphasis Your Best:

  • Shoulders: jackets with embellished shoulder or shoulder pads will broaden your shoulders.
  • Bust: padded bras enhances the look of larger breast and turtle neck tops camouflage a flat chest      drawing attention to neck and away from the bust.
  • Waist: a belt added around the waist creates curves.
  • Hips: pencil skirts will and form-fitting clothing gives the appearances of curves.


Hopefully this helped you to identify your body shape and gave you some tips on how to create a better you with the right illusions. So no matter your body shape we can all look amazingly wonderful next time we step out.

A Whirlwind Of Fashion Trends


Spring is known to be the time of year for the budding of trees,growth of plants, and the onset of warmer weather and it isn’t any surprise that spring 2012 will be filled with playful hues and prints. From New York to London to Europe and back to the Caribbean, all the fashion weeks were evident of this; runways were transformed into canvas and the designers into painters, who in-turn used every colour that could be found or created on a painter’s palette. But don’t get carried away with this fury of colour as the traditional black and white designs are still holding ground, keeping their will deserved place amongst the colours.


Trends can be encapsulated as inspired by abstract art overflowing with angular couture and geometric shape designs. Last season’s cut-outs have been replaces with crop tops, exposing the mid section whether it is partially or fully visible.


To bare or not to bare, that is the question of the year. It seems it was hard one to decide upon so the designers were left in a deadlock. The battle is on literally, there’s a tug-of-war going on between the one shoulder look still holding ground from last season and the ever chic cold shoulder look.


There’s a quote about a bird in the hand and there were plenty of birds to go around like the hummingbirds, swans and pheasants flying all over the prints. Making their way on to the prints as well were the florals with their flower power and digital photographs scences. Talking about scenes, these are no new kids on the blocks and have been around before in fashion; this year there is a return of Lace, Gatsby and Peplum looks with a very modern take to them.

Also, not to be left out of the fashion trends this year is the Summer Olympics; along with the athletes, the designers as well have been  preparing for this with presentations of sporty fashion collections.

So before you step out, take in to the account that your look should say femininity with a touch of romance; it’s all about feeling more girly and giving off a youthful appearance. Spice it up with a splash of edgy prints matched  with solid colors ranging from light pastels to fiery neons to reflect whatever mood your feeling. Your look will be fun and playful with a contemporary sleek designs. Remember don’t get caught up in the whirlwind, choose carefully what suits your style better and have a fabulous 2012!