Yesteryear’s Heirloom

Looking at some of the latest trends out for 2012 you may feel that you went into a time machine instead of your bed and somehow magically woke up back in time. But be reassured that that’s not the case here. Looks that your grandmother or mom wore when they were young, are raising their heads again. Who would have taught that we be stealing looks from them, I can’t believe it either but these look are  no longer outdated but very up-to-date and fashionable. First creeping back were the platforms, then it was lace and now to join these looks is the peplum all revamped with an edgy modern-day appearance to it. For those who aren’t familiar with the trend may ask what is peplum; so let’s shed some light on this matter at hand. A peplum is a fabric gathered made into an over-skirt with a full flounce similar of that to a short ruffled skirt attached to the waistline of a bodice, jacket, skirt or dress. Normally, many trends can only be worn on the catwalk or by fashionistas, but the peplum look suits every woman’s body shape as it beams with  femininity and confidence.

First appearing in the late 40’s, the peplum trend became following its appearance in the 1947 Chanel collection and carried on into the 50’s. Later in the 80’s it made a comeback and hadn’t been seen until it was sported by Victoria Beckham in 2009 who then showed it in her 2010 spring line. The peplum has been present throughout various luxury collections but it has been unnoticeable being very demure amongst the other trends until now; once again it has centre stage. Now in 2012 this trend is becoming popular ironically due to Chanel who once again featured the peplum in it’s 2011 winter collection. On international runways, many designers and design houses like Alexander McQueen, Versace and Marc Jacobs are now re-invigorating this look within their collections, each one with their own twist and signature design. So you can fabulously rock the peplum look no matter your style or body shape this year.

Every trend has its tricks to pull the look off successfully, so the peplum isn’t excluded. So take into consideration that there are two types of peplum, the fitted and the flared. The fitted version will flatter your curves for all my curvy sisters and for those who are not naturally blessed, the flared version will create an illusion curves perfectly. This look will leave every woman looking polished and beautifully curvaceous. Here are some of my favorite peplum looks so far.




Glam up your peplum with a pair of heels or tone it done with a pair of flats and always remember to accessorize. Not a must do, but most stylists recommend  to wear  hair in a nice up-do hairstyle creates a balanced look.  In the long run always do what works for you and suits you best.

What’s your favorite Peplum Look ?


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