Dare To Be Different

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Most women are like pretty dolls  trapped in little boxes, same clothes,  shoes, same everything. Nowadays so many are so caught up in the cliché that they need to step off the runway and onto the real way. We as individuals each have our own personality, though we might not all be trendsetters, we all have personal style. Being different isn’t always about drawing negative attention to you and stick out like a sore thumb, but more highlighting the individuality in all of us. Embrace your personal style and don’t be afraid to show your creativity.

Different fashion

Fashion is an art and a mere interpretation of the viewer’s perception and therefore it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. Blending in with the crowd only leads to comparison and the saga of who wore the look best. Don’t allow yourself to be defined by others but rather stand out in the crowd, even within your little clique of friends. Being able to dress different involves thinking outside the box, avoid being a slave to fashion and be a master of it.  A good way to create your personal style is to look at magazines and celebrities for inspirations and not as guides or gods because you’re not the only one who favors that particular magazine or celebrity.  Instead, take the looks that have inspired you, choose the ones that  you feel comfortable in and suit you best; also choose those which reflect you and not someone else. Clothing should be looked upon as an extension of your personality, pay attention to your body shape and experiment as you build your style around the trends.

I have an animated and spirited personality, so my personal style reflects whatever mood I’m in. I usually go for classy chic, posh glam, bohemian or tropical looks; it may sound crazy to have such a wide preference but come on everyday is different so why shouldn’t my style be.  I always try to mix it up to avoid being blah and boring and out of the box. What’s your personal style like?


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