Better With Time

It’s that time of the year again and I don’t mean christmas, today is my birthday (happy dance), bring out the cake, I’m ready to blow out my candles.  After adding another one to the tally, I won’t be saying much but rather take a moment to reflect. So I have decided to dedicate today’s post to the top ten things that have gotten better with time.

In Random Order:

Awareness: Over the years people have become more proactive in their fight against sicknesses as to getting tested early, before all hope is gone; mom alway said prevention is better than cure.

Human Rights: Even though it has taken many years and lives the world  has been moving away from the dark days and towards a brighter future. We have earned equal rights for women, protection of the child, acceptance of people of different ethic and religious backgrounds and many more, all for the better of man kind.

High Heals: Next to diamonds I believe they are a girls best friend, adding height, femininity and sophistication, what more can a girl want. I love them, every single peep-toe, strappy, bow-top, platform pump!!!!!!

Jeans: They come in all different styles, shapes and colors to guarantee comfort; ranging from low-rise, high-waisted, boot leg, flare, mid-calf to boot pops.

Shapewear: Thank God there has been developement in this department moving away from those suffocating corsets to more practical piece or pieces to ensure you get the support and coverage needed.

Cosmetics: Personally as a black woman, I am truly happy with the advance in cosmetics were we can truly get a more natural look that goes back with our complexion. Moreover, the art of applying cosmetics has been taken to another level where you can create breath-taking makeovers and the hues available are never-ending therefore the amount of looks that could be created are countless.

Technology: Thanks to great minds like Steve Jobs and companies like Sony, how we listen and view entertainment has changed dramatically over the year. Plus,  the introduction of computers, laptops, the internet and mobile phones have simplified the way in which we communicate today. The old still cameras and Polaroids have given way to  lighter, smaller version, which are capable of taking high quality photos. Other inventions which have eased us greatly, are the credit and debit cards, these have made shopping more convenient instead of logging around with huge sums of cash. These inventions  along with the internet have made online shopping a breeze, where you can sit in the comfort of your home and shop; say goodbye aching feet and hello cramping fingers.

Friends: As the years go by, no one knows you better than your friends, they are the ones that  have seen you laughed and cried, they have even been through if not all, most of your drama and yet they stick around.  The old  friends from childhood days are golden but the new ones we make along the way are keepers as well.

Wine:Nothing helps one to reminisce better than a glass of wine, no mater your preference or taste. The older the wine gets the stronger it is making the quality better giving it a better taste. I prefer white wine and I usually have my wine like the french with some cheese.

Me:I can say that over the years, there have been a lot of improvements in my life and gained wisdom through life’s many challenges. I’ve grown to look over small issues and look at the bigger picture. With each year, I have become more aware,  more appreciative, tolerant and sophisticated; I”ve created my own style, shaped my own future,  made up for my mistakes,  advanced in my career and still stayed in contact with my old friends, while making new ones. Just like wine, I keep improving  my quality.


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