So, I recently came across an incredible post by my fellow Barbadian fashion blogger Barrio Dimitri of La mode Dimitri featuring his friend Junior Sealy also a blogger of Six F**ing Feet; entitled “La Mode Dimitri x Eye Q / The Eye Project”. The two took on the challenge of finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for spring/summer 2012 season at the Eye Q store at Limegroove here in Barbados.

I was indeed truly motivated by the post and thus the following inspiration ….. thanks guys.

Some people say the bigger the better, hmm really? Well, apparently it’s true when it comes to this year’s eyewear designs. May it be big in size or design, these frames have an eccentric look, with slightly wacky and retro shapes. With this trend taking off, seems like all are in favor and thus, the eyes have it.

So, be prepared to be tricked out!!!


eyewear 1

eyewear 2

eyewear 3

eyewear 4

eyewear 5


Junior and Barrio

A few of the designers featured are Dolce Gabbana, Chanel, Francesca Liberatore, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Roberto Cavalli and Moschino, can you pair the eyewear to the designer?

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