The Jack Of All Trades

Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your catwalk – Coco Chanel. This is one of my favorite fashion quotes which helps drive my creativity when putting together my look. Trends come and go and they are the underlying factors that push fashion forward; so great effort is needed to build your desired look and individuality so as to not fall into uniformity of the crowd. Within the fashion world standing out and being noticeable is key and there is the obsession of creating ones own signature look which identifies you.

On that note I am pleased to introduce one of my dear friends, the fabulous Nadine Jack, the creator of many chic unique pieces for any fashion forward woman. The Jack or should I say the Jill of all trades is the classic example of beauty and brains, making her mark within the local Barbadian fashion with her JackJewellery and Otra Vez Clothing designs.



JackJewellery was created in 1994, from the desire to have unique yet affordable pieces to accentuate outfits, thus, her talents began to showcase with her custom-made designs.  As a teenager, Nadine started out experimenting with simple designs made of seed-bead, then she moved on to clay and glass. Now she has graduated to more challenging designs which specializes in  gold-filled/plated pieces, feathers and Kente-Cloth raw materials; and is currently working on adding semi-precious stones, silver, copper and gun-metal into the JackJewellery collection. Nadine believes that no woman should be limited to the cliché “one-style fits all” costume jewellery but rather be able to have diverse pieces which expresses their personal style. She is so committed to this belief that she is willing to work with the client to create a one-of-kind-pieces.  So, If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to wear the same thing as everyone else, then JackJewellery is definitely for you!

Nadine’s sister company to JackJewellery, is Otra Vez Clothing; it hasn’t officially debuted  a collection as yet but due to demands, their Obi-Afri clutches one of their bestsellers right now. They are made with vivid, ethnic prints which pay homage to the Motherland Africa and are just perfect for the current tribal trend. Also, the clutches can be designed in any print to match an already existing outfit or even shoes, upon request.  Coming Spring of 2013,  Otra Vez will be debut its Capsule Collection featuring a unique perspective on designer pieces and of course, its own fresh, original designs.


Nadine wearing one of her own custom-made earrings

Nadine wearing body jewellery “chain-mail” and models in  eternity earrings.


Eternity Earrings available in any length. 

Otra Vez Clothing


Obri-Afri Clutch available in different colors and various patterns.

For inquires or orders, look for JackJewellery on FACEBOOK, like the page and tell a friend because good things were meant to be shared!


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