Bag It

It is  funny how we limit our imagination to only see things as they are and not what else they can be. I  stumbled upon the handbags of spanish designer Inés Figaredo, who is definitely thinking outside the box. Her vivid designs are feminine and fun yet sophisticated, with a touch of retro.

This Madrid-born designer is causing a stir,  she is shaking up how we perceive simple accessories like handbags, with her avant-garde couture designs.  Inés combines style, art and wits for the creation of her handbags that are inspired by imagination, nature and everyday things around her. Overall Inés Figaredo’s collections offer women chic, unique pieces which she hopes will be enjoyed, shared, admired and remain around as heirlooms.

Personally I was not a big handbag fan, I own a select few to which I am very faithful to. Now after viewing Figaredo’s collections, I have become a fan and will be checking out handbags more regularly and looking to add a few more to my existing collection.

A few of the head turning handbags by  Inés Figaredo:

All Photos courtesy of  Inés Figaredo

To view  more of Inés Figaredo’s collection click here.


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