Barrio Dimitri The Blogging Extraordinaire

This is one of the hardest pieces I have done so far, not because of a block but more of a shock. I personally believe in giving credit to a person when they are alive to let them know how truly appreciated you are of them; but what happens when that person is taken suddenly from you. I received the sad news that my beloved friend Barrio Dimitri, Barbadian fashion blogger of La Mode Dimitri was no longer going to be on earth with us. This news was very hard for me to accept as we had spoken a mere 2 days before about his love for my  post Weekly Obsession:Dr.Martens and with him being Barrio, giving me some helpful blogger’s tips for future posts as well.

I came to know the wonderful Barrio Dimitri through a mutual friend Dre Decarlo, during my attendance at the Barbados International Fashion Festival. Over the two days of the show and  many conversations with him I grew to realised that he was a person fulled with knowledge and style well beyond his years. Our friendship quickly grew and he became a close friend. Barrio was long into to blogging before me and even though he was my junior in age, Barrio was my senior with his experience, always willing to give advise and critique, all for the betterment and success of my blog.

Even though I haven’t known Barrio for a long time, from the moment we met it just clicked talking about everything under the sun concerning fashion, the designers, collections and trends, we seem to  have known each other for ages. Barrio amazed me with his  unique personal style, that had  heads turning whenever he made an outing. I thought of how I could pay tribute to Barrio but words fail me at this moment. So, as they say that a picture can say a thousand words, I decided to show  your pics from his blog that show you how truly beautiful soul he was.

Though your lost has sadden us, your smile and bubbly personality will remain with us for always in our hearts.


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