All Pinned Up

Vintage items have been a growing fashion trend for a while and the brooch has made its way back in a very big way. The designs of these pretty pins have upped and they are more modern looking and chic. Brooches can no longer be considered only for mature women of power or grandmas, they can give the cherry on top finish by adding femininity your look.

Instead of the traditional way of wearing a brooch on a top or on a dress, here are other creative ways of wearing brooches:

  • Thread through a chain to use as a pendant creating your own unique necklace.

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  • Pin a brooch on a hat  to accentuate it or pin in the hair or on a hair band to add sophistication.

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  • Use matching pairs to decorate your shirt collar and stay on point with the embellish collar trend.

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  • Jazz up a plain clutch purse or bag.
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  • Matching pairs can also work wonders on a pair of shoes for a new look.

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Personally, I’m up over heels in love with brooches. I have a soft spot for statement pieces so it’s no surprise that a few charming brooches are my latest addition to my jewellery collection. So, I will be definitely trying out some of these cool ideas. Do you know of any other cool ideas? I’ll love to hear them so you leave your ideas in the comments.

Weekly Obsessions: Espadrillas

Weekly Obsessions: Espadrillas
Most time when we fashionistas go shopping for shoes, sad to say comfort isn’t the first thing in mind. Truth is, there aren’t many shoes that fall into the category of comfortable and fashionable. Thanks to Espadrilles and their ageless look, we can now arrive in style and easy. Previously considered peasant footwear, espadrilles have become globally popular over time, not only among women but men as well.   Espadrilles are traditionally made as casual flats but knowing how the fashion world works, they also available in wedges and flat-bottom platforms, in plain or printed pattern fabrics. The styles of the shoes also vary as they can be worn as slip-ons, with ankle straps or tied around the ankles with laces, open or closed backs and  open or closed toes. The structure is made up mainly of canvas or cotton fabric for the upper part with a sole made of rope or with a synthetic materials which have rope like appearance. The beauty of the also shoe lies in the price as many different designers make them, so they range from the bargain brands to the luxury brands.  The best part is that Espadrilles can be worn from day to night and at almost every occasion except for work if you have a strict work dress code.

Crop Over Edition: Foreday Morning Jam And Grand Kadooment

Every year during the months of July and August, Barbados is turned into a party central with a hype of activity which includes, cultural events, fashion, music and local food. It’s the time of year when we celebrated the end of the sugar harvest, hence the name ‘Crop Over’ with cultural galas, singing competitions, parties and street jams. Known to the rest of the world as carnival, Barbadians and visitors alike look forward to the Crop Over season and mostly to the street jams as these two are the main events which attract the largest crowds. This year Foreday Morning Jam and Grand Kadooment was the was the 4th and 6th of August respectively.

The Tuk Band which plays native Barbadian music, is a common site during the festivities.

Foreday Morning Jam

It is a beautiful atmosphere during the Foreday Morning Jam, it’s starts at midnight and the partying goes through the streets of the country’s capital Bridgetown well into the morning; and one must be prepared to get dirty. The fun-filled event sees patrons dancing and take part in friendly throwing of paint or mud all the while soaking up local rum, beer and other alcoholic beverages of choice. Locals and tourist alike parade and dance in mainly T-shirts and bottoms or much decorative costumes through the streets to the sounds of calypso, raga soca and music native to Barbados.

Grand Kadooment

Grand Kadooment is the highlight of the Crop Over,  it closes the season on a high point as the masquerades parade in bright outlandish and breath-taking costume bands. The party atmosphere is just as lively as the Foreday Morning Jam but the route is much longer and the sun and heat are out in full. On this day, there is no throwing of paint or mud as the costumes are judged at various points along the route by a panel of judges but body art is big amongst the masquerades.  Also on this day, there is no shortage of music being loudly played from the music trucks.

There was plenty of fun for one and all, so sorry if you missed out on this year’s action but there is always next year.

See you at Crop Over 2013!