Weekly Obsessions: Espadrillas

Weekly Obsessions: Espadrillas
Most time when we fashionistas go shopping for shoes, sad to say comfort isn’t the first thing in mind. Truth is, there aren’t many shoes that fall into the category of comfortable and fashionable. Thanks to Espadrilles and their ageless look, we can now arrive in style and easy. Previously considered peasant footwear, espadrilles have become globally popular over time, not only among women but men as well.   Espadrilles are traditionally made as casual flats but knowing how the fashion world works, they also available in wedges and flat-bottom platforms, in plain or printed pattern fabrics. The styles of the shoes also vary as they can be worn as slip-ons, with ankle straps or tied around the ankles with laces, open or closed backs and  open or closed toes. The structure is made up mainly of canvas or cotton fabric for the upper part with a sole made of rope or with a synthetic materials which have rope like appearance. The beauty of the also shoe lies in the price as many different designers make them, so they range from the bargain brands to the luxury brands.  The best part is that Espadrilles can be worn from day to night and at almost every occasion except for work if you have a strict work dress code.

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