All Pinned Up

Vintage items have been a growing fashion trend for a while and the brooch has made its way back in a very big way. The designs of these pretty pins have upped and they are more modern looking and chic. Brooches can no longer be considered only for mature women of power or grandmas, they can give the cherry on top finish by adding femininity your look.

Instead of the traditional way of wearing a brooch on a top or on a dress, here are other creative ways of wearing brooches:

  • Thread through a chain to use as a pendant creating your own unique necklace.

via Paper Blog

via romanovrussia

  • Pin a brooch on a hat  to accentuate it or pin in the hair or on a hair band to add sophistication.

via Economy Of Style

via Caught On A Whim

  • Use matching pairs to decorate your shirt collar and stay on point with the embellish collar trend.

via Denim Therapy

via The Beading Gem Journal

  • Jazz up a plain clutch purse or bag.
    via Fabfrocks World
    via Bootz Inc
  • Matching pairs can also work wonders on a pair of shoes for a new look.

via Sterling Star

via Black Box Vintage

Personally, I’m up over heels in love with brooches. I have a soft spot for statement pieces so it’s no surprise that a few charming brooches are my latest addition to my jewellery collection. So, I will be definitely trying out some of these cool ideas. Do you know of any other cool ideas? I’ll love to hear them so you leave your ideas in the comments.


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