Fall Looks for 2012

There are many perks about living in the Caribbean like the beautiful beaches and the fact that there is never a shortage of sunshine, well except on the days when there is liquid sunshine (rain) of course. On the downside however, living in Barbados and for others in Caribbean countries, is that I don’t get to enjoy the changes in climate of the different seasons on less I travel abroad. For those special occasions, I like to stay on top of fashion trends for each season which lets me stay fashionable and weather appropriate. As september comes to an end and october begins the leaves are turning their golden brown color, it’s mother nature way of telling us another season has begun and many fashionistas are layering up for the weather ahead.

Fall is here and even though the main prerogative is to cover up from the chill it doesn’t mean we still can’t be cute and there are many trends going around already. This fall season apart from the traditional fur and knits, there were other trends that have caught my eye. There is the colour trend with the main colours being black, white, blue and burgundy, but burgundy  refered to as the “new black” by Nina Garcia takes the cake.  A wardrobe staple this fall is leather and you can choose from the many pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, jackets available.  A major trend no pun intended is the military look, its back this season so go get them from the back of the closet, I surely will as I have mine from a previous season. Also this fall add some flair to your wardrobe with geometric prints, as we can never get enough of prints.

These are my favourite fall looks from the top fall trends for 2012.


YSL, Jason Wu, Bottega Veneta


Kayne West, Balmain, Michael Kors


Jason Wu, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry

Geometric Prints:

Lela Rose, Cacharel, Prada

So, this fall season stay warm and werk it!

When September Ends

It’s confession time, for those who are close to me, have read my Face Behind It All page or have been following my blog, know that I’m relatively new to the fashion scene. That been said, I’m not to be taken lightly as I have a very strong passion and drive when it comes to fashion. Quite frankly with all the hype and pictures being shared around social media about the various major cities’ Fashion Night Out and New York Fashion Week, I have left over excited with anticipation for our very own BB Fashion Week 2012 scheduled for October 25th – 28th, here in Barbados. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to attend any of the previous BB Fashion Weeks, as I was away at university. For that, the song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” come to mind as we are just shy of a month before the show, I so can’t want for the month to be over (sorry all my September borns). Like many who have spent the whole year waiting for this time to come, I thought of being swept up in all the fashion by all the designers and fashionista(o)s alike is overwhelming.

The BB fashion Week casting call for the designers has been made already and now it was time for the model casting call which was held on Saturday and Sunday at the ultra-modern Lanterns Mall, Hastings Main Road, Christ Church over the past weekend. I dropped by on the Sunday to get a look at the models and it was a buzz of activity in the air with models practising their walk, chatting and auditioning. The requirements were like most typical model castings, looking for models both male and female of the height 5-9 and up but I observed some fierce 5-7/ 5-8 who I think made the cut. Much to my surprise, there were even some who were scouted right on the spot, however they were very strict selecting only ladies size 0-4.

The persons who were given the challenge to select the models were Rodney PowersHugh Williams and Carolyn Giles. Also on hand to assist was make-up artist Kimberley Smith of Personal Touch, who would be working under Unique Productions Worldwide Ltd during the BB Fashion Week. Being present at the model casting was a new experience and from watching many model reality shows I know sometimes model casting can be difficult and the comments can be harsh; but I nice to see that those who were not selected were told why they weren’t and the areas they need to improve on.

So, as I continue to  visualising my outfits for the days of BB Fashion Week and try to contain my excitement, I leave with a few pictures from the second day of model casting of some of the model hopefuls.

two young ladies scouted at the mall.

I have the dates marked out on my calendar and I hope you to have noted them as well.

For all my international readers, you won’t be left out, I will keep up-dated.

Weekly Obsessions:Backpacks


Weekly Obsessions:Backpacks
So it’s that time of year again when most people are caught up with the Back to School fever. Everyone wants to look their best so getting a new wardrobe is a must and a new backpack is essential. This doesn’t mean that we who are out of educational system can sport this look. I’m not referring to the bulky book bag but rather the snazzy baby-doll versions, they tend to add a retro vintage vibe to your look. For us, it Back to Cool, as these backpacks can go from work to play as we wont be hauling heavy book around but pure style. So don’t be afraid to take one for a day the office or to the mall as they come in a wide variety of style from office chic to a much more relax vibe. So whether you fancy the designer brands ones or not, pick up one of these cuties and lighten your mood and load.

Queen Of The 212

Known for her unique rawness which treads on the thin line between sexy and vulgar, Azealia Banks welcomed us to the 212 and now it seems she is about to take over all the other area codes. The 21-year-old rapper has fallen in love with fashion scene and the fashion industry is loving her back.

Azealia has been featured on magazine covers.

Azealia has also caught the eyes of Karl Lagerfield and is now starred in Alexander Wang’s new fall video campaign.

Another major achievement which she has attained in the fashion industry is that Azealia has been signed on with Mac Cosmetics and will be releasing her very own lipstick. It will be a limited edition deep plum shade named after the Azealia’s alter-ego ‘ Yung Rapunxel’ valued at US $15 available on http://www.maccosmetics.com, come september 5th and in New York City Mac stores from September 6th till September 20th.

Click to see the 212 Music Video

Click to see the Azealia Banks in Alexander Wang Fall Campaign

So, it definitely looks like we”ll be seeing much more of Ms. Azealia Banks around.