From Sinister To Stylish

sinister to stylish 1

Heidi Klum always says on Project Runway “In fashion one day you’re in, the next day you’re out”, but her famous quote seems to be in reverse in regards to Goth. Whenever these small gothic groups are seen, they normally generate stares, plenty of whispers and finger-pointing as most referred to them as weird. Well my fellow fashion forward peeps, we are in the times when within the fashion industry, weird is “IN”. Before, things which were affiliated with the gothic lifestyle were big fashion “NO-NO’s”, but they are now today’s fashion “MUST-HAVE’s” with many designers and fashionistas adopting many fashion trends from the goths. These trends have been growing rapidly amongst us both on the runways and on the streets and some of us have not even realised that these trends were once consider sinister and frowned upon.

sinster to stylish 2

Here a look at these trends:

  • Skulls, crosses, studs and spikes can be found everywhere on anything from tops, dresses, bottoms, jackets, shoes and accessories.

skulls and crosses clothing

spikes and studs clothing

crosses and skulls

studs and spikes accessories

studded and spikes shoes

  • Darker colours of lipstick and ombre and dip-dye hair are very popular and have been given the nod for both the runways and the streets.

lipstick colours

lipstick colours 2

ombre hair

ombre hair 2

  • Even though these were around long before the gothic lifestyle, permanent and temporary tattoos as well as piercings are now trending and are now even being incorporated into designers looks.


    tattoos 2


piercings 2

So, does this have you thinking?

 These once sinister looks are now very desired.

Do you fancy them or have you already embraced some of them?


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