Weekly Obsessions: Creeper Shoes

Jeeper Creepers, Yikes!


When I first heard the word creepers, I instantly queued scary movie music and my level of paranoia went a few notches up as shoes didn’t comes to mind.  When I saw that this word was referring to these fashion must-haves shoes seen on the catwalk and on the streets,  I was like BLAH!  However, my latest obsession of lately is wrapped up with the creeper shoes especially when they are paired correctly with the outfit. I wasn’t won over initially, but just like when you first jump into the ocean and it is cold, it takes a while to get warmer and  I eventually warmed up to them. Originally from the 90’s these funky shoes have crept all the way back into the fashion scene.but  I’m finally a big fan as I love the idea of adding a little rocker to my look even if it’s as simple as just a spike ring.  Correctly paired they can make any good girl look bad.

Creeper Shoes

Here are some looks showing at how Creepers are being worn:
creepers shoes outfit idea 1
creepers shoes outfit idea 3
creepers shoes outfit idea 4
model : http://kolorkrazedolly.tumblr.comhttp://kolorkrazedolly.blogspot.com/clothing : http://www.hoyboutique.co.uk/

Barbados Music Awards Highlights


It doesn’t have to be Fashion Week to see great fashion and this evident at the 8th Barbados Music Awards.  The night was dedicated to the memory of the late Whitney Houston and her mother Cissy Houston accepted the International Icon Awards on her behalf. Cissy also performed for the crowd at hand  wooing them with her voice.

2013 Barbados Music Awards - Red Carpet - Cissy Houston

Cissy Houston

At the end of the event however,  it was no surprise that internationally recognised artiste Rihanna who was not present  received 5 of the awards. She was closely followed by Lil Rick with 4,  a well know local soca artiste and song writer. Another top awardee of the night was the band Cover Drive you received 2 awards on the night.


Lil Rick

2013 Barbados Music Awards - Red Carpet - Cover Drive

Cover Drive

Awardees of the Night:

  • Female Artist of the Year – Rihanna

  • Album of the Year – Rihanna

  • Song of the Year – Rihanna

  • Music Video of the Year – Rihanna

  • Pop and Alternative Artist  – Rihanna

  • Songwriter of the Year – Lil Rick

  • Soca/Calypso Artist of the Year – Lil Rick

  • Male Entertainer of the Year – Lil Rick

  • Life Time Achievement Award – Lil Rick

  • Band of the Year – Cover Drive

  • Award of Excellence – Cover Drive, Ricky Stoute

  • People Choice Social Media – Empress Roli

  • Reggae Artist of the Year – Buggy

  • Producer of the Year – Dwayne Antrobus

  • Best New Artist – Malissa Alanna

  • Soul R&B Artist – Hal Linton

  • Jazz Artist of the Year – Ci Ci

  • Gospel Artist of the Year – A Few Good Men

  • Rap/Hip-Hop of the Year – Vizion

  • International Award of Excellence – Tone Mason

  • International Icon Award – Whitney Houston

For this event the attendees came dressed to impress, take a look at some of the hits of the night and it seemed the colour choices were shades blue, black, coral and grey. Here are a few favorites from the parade of fashion on hand.










So let’s keep the good times rolling with great music and fashion!

Showing Your Stripes


You don’t have to be a zebra or a referee to show your stripes, but you surely can look divine when wearing them.  Stripes always brings a chic, effortless look to an outfit, but a requires a little effort to avoid looking you belong in the jailhouse.  Stripes whether wide or thin, horizontal, vertical or diagonally, can flatter any body shape but it all depends on the paired pieces that help to give the outfit the extra fabulous look. I know that when we think of stripes the nautical navy and white comes to mind, but stripes comes in variety of colours, so  choose the colours that compliment your skin colour best, when creating your look.

Stripes 2

Stripes can be tricky but we all can find the right stripes that make us feel confident and comfortable.  You have to know which part of your body you want to draw attention and which parts you want to divert attention,  your body shape doesn’t matter. So, for all my apple-shaped ladies, the saying that you should stay away from stripes is a mare myth. In the end, it all comes down to where you wear them and how your style your outfit, plus the key to achieve a successful striped look is matching stripes with solid colours.

Tips to remember:

  • Vertical stripes give you a tall appearance.
  • Horizontal stripes enhances or creates the illusion of curves.
  • Diagonal stripes produces a slimming effect.
  • Stripes only along the border of an outfit gives slimming effects.
  • Darker colours are more slimming that lighter colours.
  • Accentuate the waist with a belt to create a waist line and eliminate the wide effect.

Here are some chic, stylish ideas that any body shape can pull off  for the classic stripe look:

Striped Top by natz-the-rebel featuring corset shirts

Striped Pants by natz-the-rebel featuring sleeveless shirts

Striped Dress by natz-the-rebel featuring summer dresses

Striped Skirt by natz-the-rebel featuring high heels

Striped Jackect by natz-the-rebel featuring a striped jacket

Hope you can find some inspiration for these looks  I created and create a look of your very own. Let me know which look or looks you liked the most.

Happy New Year


As the clock struck 12 midnight, the night sky came alive with fireworks exploding into the air and we welcomed the beginning of a 2013. With every explosion my heart leapt with joy as I was filled with great expectations for the new year, but I decided that before I set out on accomplishing any of my goals for 2013, I would take a look back at the great moments and achievements of 2012.

2012 in retrospect, was a great year for me especially as a rookie within the fashion blogging community; here is a look at some of my best moments:

  • Began posting for Radical Trendsetters, my labour of love.

Radical Trendsetters

  • Attended the first ever Barbados International Fashion Festival and the Barbados Fashion Week 2012.

Barrio and I Barbados International Fashion Festival

BB Fashion Week

  • Did a piece on Barbados Fashion Week for an online e-magazine “Panache” from England.

panache e-magazine

  • Started my modelling career walking in 2 fashion shows which landed a photo of me in local Newspapers, I also did a feature for a local boutique on our local TV station.

(taking a break from the writing and hitting the runway)

Bridgetown Alive Fashion Show

12 Days of Chritmas Fashion Show

It had been a very exciting and inspiring year as I was fortunate to have made a lot of progress in 2012 and I’m already working on bringing you more awesome stuff in this coming year. Moreover I can’t wait to see what new experiences this new year has in store for both Radical Trendsetters and I.


So I would like  to thank your for sharing a fabulous 2012 with me and wish all of my readers a very happy and prosperous 2013.