Weekly Obsessions: Creeper Shoes

Jeeper Creepers, Yikes!


When I first heard the word creepers, I instantly queued scary movie music and my level of paranoia went a few notches up as shoes didn’t comes to mind.  When I saw that this word was referring to these fashion must-haves shoes seen on the catwalk and on the streets,  I was like BLAH!  However, my latest obsession of lately is wrapped up with the creeper shoes especially when they are paired correctly with the outfit. I wasn’t won over initially, but just like when you first jump into the ocean and it is cold, it takes a while to get warmer and  I eventually warmed up to them. Originally from the 90’s these funky shoes have crept all the way back into the fashion scene.but  I’m finally a big fan as I love the idea of adding a little rocker to my look even if it’s as simple as just a spike ring.  Correctly paired they can make any good girl look bad.

Creeper Shoes

Here are some looks showing at how Creepers are being worn:
creepers shoes outfit idea 1
creepers shoes outfit idea 3
creepers shoes outfit idea 4
model : http://kolorkrazedolly.tumblr.comhttp://kolorkrazedolly.blogspot.com/clothing : http://www.hoyboutique.co.uk/

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