The Time Is Here_Island Chic Vlog

Island Chic

The time is definitely here as the planning stage is over and now its on to the execution stage. Today fellow barbadian fashion blogger Njeri of Fashion! Lights! Couture! will be debuting our 1st episode of many for our collaborating video blog Island Chic. We both have our individual blogs but we share similar likes and interests as well so we decide to come together and do a collaboration. You’ll be able to see our videos on YouTube as well as be able to follow us on Twitter for behind the scenes photos and anything else that’s fashion. We are completely overjoyed with what we have planned for you and we’ll be bringing you everything from fashion news to our obsessions to DIYs and much more. So, check us out and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube page Island Chic to get the direct links for more videos coming from us and you can look forward to loads of great stuff.

Natz and Njeri

YouTube: IslandChic 246

Twitter: @IslandChic246

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