We Now Return To Our Regular Schedule

Hey my Trendsetters, I’m backkkk….

Natz The Rebel

To all my readers I deeply and humbly apologize for being M.I.A over the last couple of months. As much as I wanted to be blogging as usual, time just kept alluding me. So much has happened, but I won’t dive into every detail of the last couple of months but I would like to highlight one of my crowning moments.  Since I was away, I had the opportunity of experiencing the growth of another human being inside of me and I gave birth a beautiful baby boy I named Nathaniel.

8 mths pregnant8 mths pregnant

baby Nathaniel

Baby Nathaniel

Honestly, I became a bit overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a new mom. What I thought motherhood would be and the reality of what it really is kind of hit me for a six or as my american readers would say a home run. At times I felt as if I was in over my head, between taking care of my newborn son, working on my postpartum body  with the practice of yoga (I am so not about the pouch life) and all that stacked on top of my daily life.  I found it a bit hard to balance everything at first, thankfully everything is coming together and I’m balancing better now.

mom: busy job on earth

Now that my son is older and more independent or so he thinks, I have found time to start blogging again (insert happy dance). So you can look out for my posts coming your way especially my review for Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week 2014 that will be posted shortly and other fashion events I have left on the fashion calendar for this year.

Once again it’s great to be back.


Nathaniel and I


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