Adrian Howell

Adrian Howell

Mr. Pizazz

Many times our family and friends would say “you could be a model!” but its takes a lot more the physical features to be a model. Yes, its true that to become a successful male model, it requires elements like strong facial features and a good overall physique but these aren’t always a guarantee that you be scouted. The real key is that you have to possess a certain pizazz or quirk about yourself that would catch the eye of the model scout, designer or photographer.

Like many others aspiring professional model Adrian Howell was encouraged by his pals to give modeling a try out. This turned out to be just the push he needed into the right direction on his way journey to become a model. As a new comer to the model scene, he wasn’t to be left like a sitting duck on the side lines as Adrian sought out his modeling 101 basics with REI Model Academy where he got training for the runway and photo shoots along with many other tips during his time there in 2013. After completing his modeling training, he decided that this was definitely a career that he wanted to pursue. His first work was with  RZI Photography where he did his first photo shoot and then it was all up and onward for Adrian. The selection at the casting for Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week 2013 was his first major appearance onto the model scene, Adrian then later landed a spot in an editorial magazine photo shoot for local designer Kesia Eswick for her Kiss Urban collection. Even though he’s not signed with a modeling agency at the current moment, he works closely with mentor Rodney Powers in gaining further exposure within the model world.

Adrian seems to have a love the spotlight, as apart from strutting down runways and doing photo shoots, his other passion is acting and he has plans in obtaining a degree at Vancouver Film School in acting. With all that’s going on in his life right now, he still enjoys some down time by playing the piano, guitar and swimming.

Training at REI Agency

Catwalk Training


Here’s a few pics of some of the work Adrian has done so far:

RZI Photography Photo Shoot

RZI Photography Photo Shoot

BBFW 2013

BBFW 2013

The future is filled with great perspectives and opportunities for Adrian and we look forward to seeing much more from him.

Contact Info:

Telephone number: 8301962

FaceBook: Drizzy Jay Howell

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