Barbados Fashion Week 2012: What I Wore

Fashion is very important, it is life enhancing

and like everything that gives pleasure,

it is worth doing well.

Vivienne Westwood

After attending this year’s fashion week, I was surely not disappointed as I witnessed many fabulous collections over the three runway nights from the various designers. The directors of Unique Productions Worldwide Ltd promised that it would be ‘Fierce, Fabulous & Furious’ and told us the attendees to ‘Dress For It’. Having that in mind I went about creating a wardrobe and strategically styling my looks, so to make a long story short let me just quote Nicki Minaj and say “I did it on em”.

Take a look at my ensembles all styled by myself for BB Fashion Week 2012: (PS. I don’t drop label names, just style)

Outfit for BB Fashion Week Launch.

Printed dress with harness designed by me.

Outfit  for the first runway night themed Glam Night .

Head piece and earring designed by me.

Outfit for the second runway night themed Caribbean Fiesta Night themed.

Outfit for the final night themed A Toast To Fashion. Jacket and earrings designed by me.

Fashion Fades But Style Is Eternal – Yves Saint Laurent

Barbados Fashion Week 2012: 3rd Night

Barbados……The Gem Of The Caribbean

Basking in the excitement from the designs of the previous exciting nights of BB Fashion Week 2012 , it was bittersweet for me when it came to the final night themed ‘A Toast To Fashion’. This night the attendees saw two designers who showed sleek, fresh designs for their Spring/Summer 2013 collections.

The night opened with Barbadian Rykii de Jude who revealed an all male collection. His designs were very radiant as the male models looked like perfect gentlemen and strutting in dapper pieces. Jude’s menswear was very modern and could be coveted by both young and mature men. His eye for detail was also very prominent as there were many hand-made accentuated additions. From Jude’s collection the attendees were able to see his passion for polish and well-tailored designs.

The night climaxed with designer Charles Dieujuste of the USA, his coherent collection looked effortless and had air of elegance about it. He displayed great execution in his designs as they were sauntered down the runway. Three words came to mind when I saw the variety of his collection and they were sophisticated, chic and feminine. Charles was another designer whose collection could easily find its way into my closet.

At the end of BB fashion Week 2012, I can surly say that I experienced an unforgettable event produced by Unique Production Worldwide Ltd. It was evident that the wheel of progress is spinning not only for the designers from Barbados but that of our fellow Caribbean countries as well. This force won’t be retained and in a few years time I look forward to seeing these incredible designers frequently on international runways.

So cheers to BB Fashion Week 2012 and to all the designers and I can’t wait till next year to do it all over again.

Photo Credit: Cullen Perrotte


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When September Ends

It’s confession time, for those who are close to me, have read my Face Behind It All page or have been following my blog, know that I’m relatively new to the fashion scene. That been said, I’m not to be taken lightly as I have a very strong passion and drive when it comes to fashion. Quite frankly with all the hype and pictures being shared around social media about the various major cities’ Fashion Night Out and New York Fashion Week, I have left over excited with anticipation for our very own BB Fashion Week 2012 scheduled for October 25th – 28th, here in Barbados. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to attend any of the previous BB Fashion Weeks, as I was away at university. For that, the song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” come to mind as we are just shy of a month before the show, I so can’t want for the month to be over (sorry all my September borns). Like many who have spent the whole year waiting for this time to come, I thought of being swept up in all the fashion by all the designers and fashionista(o)s alike is overwhelming.

The BB fashion Week casting call for the designers has been made already and now it was time for the model casting call which was held on Saturday and Sunday at the ultra-modern Lanterns Mall, Hastings Main Road, Christ Church over the past weekend. I dropped by on the Sunday to get a look at the models and it was a buzz of activity in the air with models practising their walk, chatting and auditioning. The requirements were like most typical model castings, looking for models both male and female of the height 5-9 and up but I observed some fierce 5-7/ 5-8 who I think made the cut. Much to my surprise, there were even some who were scouted right on the spot, however they were very strict selecting only ladies size 0-4.

The persons who were given the challenge to select the models were Rodney PowersHugh Williams and Carolyn Giles. Also on hand to assist was make-up artist Kimberley Smith of Personal Touch, who would be working under Unique Productions Worldwide Ltd during the BB Fashion Week. Being present at the model casting was a new experience and from watching many model reality shows I know sometimes model casting can be difficult and the comments can be harsh; but I nice to see that those who were not selected were told why they weren’t and the areas they need to improve on.

So, as I continue to  visualising my outfits for the days of BB Fashion Week and try to contain my excitement, I leave with a few pictures from the second day of model casting of some of the model hopefuls.

two young ladies scouted at the mall.

I have the dates marked out on my calendar and I hope you to have noted them as well.

For all my international readers, you won’t be left out, I will keep up-dated.