Healthy Hair Journey Update _ Protective Styling

I know some of my Trendsetters maybe wondering how the healthy hair journey is going, so this post it to give an update on  how my process is coming along. On one hand, thanks to my hair regimen I have experienced some steady hair growth and on the other hand, I did a mini chop eliminating all the straight relaxed ends which felt so liberating and that makes me now fully telaxed. However, because of the mini chop I went from shoulder length to just below nape length which may seem as if it my hair hasn’t grown much in terms of length comparison but on the bright side it has gotten much thicker.


One of the factors that played a part in my decision to cut away the relaxer ends was when I saw the  above pic on Instagram and it made me really think, “do I really want to hang onto to these ends just for the sake of saying my hair is now at a different measurement level?” Honestly, no, I  prefer health over length as with time healthy hair will grow but damage hair will just break off eventually. My answer to the pic would be A, unfortunately I didn’t take a pic before I cut off the relaxed ends but here’s a pic of my texture at 20 weeks post my last telaxed process on January 25 2015.


Apart from wearing milkmaid braids here’s a look at the protective styles I’ve done over the last couple of months……




Before this hair journey I always used extensions and braids as my protective styles, but I have found the use of wigs to be fun I can achieve a natural look which takes less time to acquire whether it be a different colour, long, short, curly or straight. I’ve found it easier to do than going through the time-consuming process of styling my thick mane, while dealing with a busy toddler and my day-to-day activities. The wigs aid with my relaxer stretch where I can prolong the time period longer, help to avoid the risk of damaging my hair and scalp from excess combing and pulling as some styles it requires a lot of manipulation and they allow me still have full access to my hair where I can moisturize,wash and condition weekly.


I don’t sleep in the wig I only wear it when I’m going out, 

I allow my natural hair to breathe otherwise

and at night I tie my head with a silk scarf.

What protective styles do you use and do you have hang-ups over wearing wigs and other faux hair?

Hairs To A Better Tomorrow

Never Give Up On Your Hair

Normally I just blog about fashion related topics but this year I’ve decided to get a bit more personal with my trendsetters family. I will be bringing hair and beauty to the table, come on it’s only right as one’s look is not complete without having their hair “slayed/laid” or having the face “beat“. So you can look out for personal takes, trends, reviews and diys related to hair and beauty. I’ve mentioned in my previous post We Now Return To Our Regular Schedule I had a baby last year and apart from having my handsome son, one of the plus of being pregnant was that my hair had grown out from my pixie cut and it was full and thick.

hair postpartum

postpartum hair before shedding

However shortly after giving birth I started to suffer postpartum shedding, this totally freaked me out. My hairline was thinning and it seemed like every time I combed my hair half of it was in the comb. Thankfully I did some research on stopping the hair shedding and I stumbled upon the healthy hair journey (cue celestial bells). This introduced me to new techniques and terminologies (will elaborate in future posts) and showed that it was just mere myths that kinky, coily hair further more relaxed hair can’t grow. The secrets I found to obtaining healthy relaxed hair were simple, use the right hair products to give some good old Tender Loving Care (moisture and protein), drink lots of water, limit the amount of heat and chemical relaxer application times in a year, do hairstyles that required little manipulation, along with taking vitamins. So I hide my flat iron, stocked up on hair products beneficial for hair growth, started a relaxer stretch and began taking biotin; well, whenever I remembered. Everything was going great, I had gained 2 1/2″ to 3″ of growth between the front, middle and nape of my head, my edges were no longer thinning and my hair was thick and full again; I was begging to enjoy the texture of my unprocessed hair for like the first time ever.

thinning due to postpartum shedding

When I decided to end my relaxer stretch this lead to the discovery of the term “telaxed hair” textured relaxed hair where I would still have a curl pattern. So I decided that I would start and commit myself to doing a healthy telaxed hair journey instead and go on a quest to prove that healthy hair length retention is possible with telaxed hair and to grow my hair as long as possible from current neck length. I will be transitioning completely to texlaxed hair by gradually trim of my bone straight relaxed ends. I know this can be a tedious progress and I’m not going to wake up like Rupunzel or Ariel the mermaid over night but rather that I would have to take a realistic approach with my progress. So you can look out for my progress and length checks along the way and even join me on this journey. Hopefully my story can help and encourage someone to never give up on their hair. So lets toast to a new beginning and greater lengths.

Are my trendsetters relaxed, telaxed or natural?