A Whirlwind Of Fashion Trends


Spring is known to be the time of year for the budding of trees,growth of plants, and the onset of warmer weather and it isn’t any surprise that spring 2012 will be filled with playful hues and prints. From New York to London to Europe and back to the Caribbean, all the fashion weeks were evident of this; runways were transformed into canvas and the designers into painters, who in-turn used every colour that could be found or created on a painter’s palette. But don’t get carried away with this fury of colour as the traditional black and white designs are still holding ground, keeping their will deserved place amongst the colours.


Trends can be encapsulated as inspired by abstract art overflowing with angular couture and geometric shape designs. Last season’s cut-outs have been replaces with crop tops, exposing the mid section whether it is partially or fully visible.


To bare or not to bare, that is the question of the year. It seems it was hard one to decide upon so the designers were left in a deadlock. The battle is on literally, there’s a tug-of-war going on between the one shoulder look still holding ground from last season and the ever chic cold shoulder look.


There’s a quote about a bird in the hand and there were plenty of birds to go around like the hummingbirds, swans and pheasants flying all over the prints. Making their way on to the prints as well were the florals with their flower power and digital photographs scences. Talking about scenes, these are no new kids on the blocks and have been around before in fashion; this year there is a return of Lace, Gatsby and Peplum looks with a very modern take to them.

Also, not to be left out of the fashion trends this year is the Summer Olympics; along with the athletes, the designers as well have been  preparing for this with presentations of sporty fashion collections.

So before you step out, take in to the account that your look should say femininity with a touch of romance; it’s all about feeling more girly and giving off a youthful appearance. Spice it up with a splash of edgy prints matched  with solid colors ranging from light pastels to fiery neons to reflect whatever mood your feeling. Your look will be fun and playful with a contemporary sleek designs. Remember don’t get caught up in the whirlwind, choose carefully what suits your style better and have a fabulous 2012!