I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It

Most up and coming designers would love to have the chance to be on the coveted american TV show “Project Runway” to showcase their talents, however we in the Caribbean have our own version called “Mission Catwalk” which is held in Jamaica. For this show, several designers battled to see who is the best of the best in the Caribbean. One of the designers who took part in this experience on season 2 was the talented Kesia Estwick of Barbados, she has also had showings at Barbados Fashion Week and the Islands of the World Fashion Week.

Even though she is just barely into her twenties, Kesia has been making her marking over the past two years within the fashion industry. From the very start, her creative designs have been grabbing the attention of the young and young at heart. She has improved with every show and also benefited from the mentorship she received during the  Adopt-A-Designer project at the concluded Barbados International Fashion Festival. After all this exposure and experience, Kesia has recently launched a line called “Kiss The Girl” a collection which has every inch of very glam punk written all over it. The faces for her collection are two stunning Barbadian models Imogen Cooper and Kari McCarthy.

Here’s a look at some of the pieces in the Kiss The Girl collection.

Check out the Kiss The Girl .

A Fashion Great

Learning to ride a bike can be exhilarating, traumatising and overwhelming as  the child , having not yet mastered balance, steering and pedalling; but once its clicks, it’s the easiest thing to do and becomes so much fun once  learnt, that the child doesn’t want to stop riding.  Referred to as one of Italy’s best fashion designers and noted for his well-tailored designs, is none other than  Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani was born July 11 1934,  in Piacenza, Italy. Originally, the young Armani had his heart set on becoming a doctor and he studied medicine and photography before completing military service. It was during his service that he realised that the sight of blood was too much to bear and to conclude that career of choice wasn’t for him. Armani then started out as a window dresser at La Rinascente, at the time Milan’s largest department store. He then moved on to become a seller in the men’s department. It is here Armani, attained his experience in the marketing perspective of the fashion industry. Afterwards, Armani worked at Nino Cerruti’s men’s clothing company, Hitman as an assistant designer for  6 years before moving on to Nino Cerruti, where he designed menswear. His remarkable skills were in such high demand that Armani offered freelance to other manufactures while still working at Cerutti.

During the late 1960’s Armani befriended architectural draftsman Sergio Galeotti, who encouraged him to open his own business. But this wouldn’t materialize until Armani was greatly acknowledged for his contribution and work at the Sala Bianaca in the Pitti Palace in Florence. Through that recognition Armani was then ready to fly on his own wings.




Finally, in 1975 along with partner Sergio Galeotti he created the Giorgio Armani Spa in Milan and debuted a men’s collection under the Armani label that October for spring|summer 1976; the following year he produced a women’s line. The Armani label grew quickly becoming one of the leading names in international fashion with the introduction of several new product lines.  The Armani Jeans was introduced in 1981, followed by the Armani women’s perfume in 1982, Armani men’s fragrance in 1983 and A/X Armani Exchange in 1991; then Armani added Giorgio Armani Golf , Giorgio Armani Underwear and Swimwear, Giorgio Armani Accessories, Armani Junior, Emporio Armani and even moved into household items.



“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered”

Giorgio Armani

He my friend, will never be forgotten.

Information and pictures were provided by public relations agencies and other public sources.