Valentine’s Day Outfits For The Hooked, Hitched or Free

valentine's day date night outfit ideas

Some people get wild and giddy each year when Valentine’s Day comes around and other for various reasons cringe at the idea. But the bottom line is my trendsetters is that we all like to look our best no matter our relationship status, whether it be hooked, hitched or free. So here’s some outfit inspiration for date night on Valentine’s Day……

For my ladies with a significant other, it doesn’t matter if you will be going on a first date or if you’re going out with your longtime love, the goal is to keep your date’s eyes on you and keep him close all night long. Take your pick for a date night that includes a fancy romantic dinner with a lush setting or maybe you just want to catch a romance comedy at the movies and then dinner or drinks……..

Date Night 1

Date Night 2

For my single ladies you don’t have to stay home, it’s a great opportunity for a Girl’s Night Out with the squad and either treat yourselves with a nice dinner date or party the night away. Gather up all your single friends on valentine’s day and celebrate the love of friendship ……

Girl Night Out 1

Girl Night Out 2

So if you’re hooked, hitched or free, let’s go out and celebrate love no matter what.

Happy Valentine Day My Trendsetters


Couture Week 2015 Wearable Hair and Beauty Trends

S/S 2015 Couture Trends

Hey Trendsetters, we all know that Couture Fashion Week is known for its beautiful, over exaggerated, crazy-chic, theatrical designs as shown in My Top S/S 2015 Couture Collections but its not all about the clothing. The hair, makeup and the accessories pull together to help complete each look. This year’s Spring/Summer Couture Week 2015 showcased some covetable, wearable beauty and hair trends, so go ahead and take your pick from some of my favourite inspirational looks…..

Halo Braids

Halo Braids

Forget the milkmaid braid and op for the more sophisticated boho-chic twisted braid variation

Chain-Link Ponytail

Chain-Link Ponytail

Create a simple and easy illusion by adding long matching hair extensions attached to metallic or primary-colored hoop(s).

Graphic Eyes

Graphic Eyes

Apply eyeliner to the crease and top of eyelids and then extended outwards for a cat-eye look.

The Veiled Bow

The Veiled Bow

The veiled beanies is getting a run for its money, the new “in thing” is the mix of the veil with ribbons creating neat bows and a bit of mystery with a playful touch.

I know I will definitely be trying these out these looks will you?

My Top S/S 2015 Couture Collections

Couture Week S/S 2015

The media was once again buzzing with excitement, Couture Fashion Week 2015 showcased some marvellous collections that were full of pieces that are red carpet worthy and perfect for the social butterfly. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional theatrics and drama or the pieces that are more modernized, the shows gave a taste of everything and it seemed to be a never ending array of exquisite embroidery and glittering crystal beading, frills, draped chiffon, creamy satin and the exceptional manipulation of lace to mention a few, all to create dreamy pieces. Here’s a look at some of my favourite pieces……

 Elie Saab

Elie Saab 2015 Couture 1

Elie Saab 2015 Couture 2

Elie Saab 2015 Couture 3

View full collection here

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier 2015 Couture 1

Jean Paul Gaultier 2015 Couture 2

view full collection here

 Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli 2015 Couture 1

Giambattista Valli 2015 Couture 2

Giambattista Valli 2015 Couture 3

view full collection here

Ralph & Russo

Ralph & Russo 2015 Coture 1

Ralph & Russo 2015 Coture 2

Ralph & Russo 2015 Coture 3

view full collection here


Versace 2015 Couture 1

Versace 2015 Couture 2

Versace 2015 Couture 3

view full collection here

Alexis Mabille 

Alexis Mabille 2015 Couture 1

Alexis Mabille 2015 Couture 2

view full collection here 

What were your favourite collections?

Happy New Year

Happy New Year collage

There is nothing like a fresh calendar year….. a brand new 365 days  

This is not another “New Year, New Me” post because we all know that most of the times we end up setting goals that we somehow manage to not complete most of them by year-end anyways….. le sigh. Instead this is just a short post from me to you hoping all of you enjoyed your holidays and had a blast ringing in the new year. I can’t believe the holidays are basically over already, but on the brighter side 2015 has so much in store.  With that being said, let’s not rob ourselves of happiness by rushing through 2015 trying to fulfill lifetime goals in a year’s time but rather live one day at a time and enjoy the moments while we work our way closer to becoming a better version of ourselves.  So, let’s set our eyes to the horizon and look towards the fashionable future.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my trendsetters and may 2015 bring you and your family good health and a lot of happiness!


pompwknd collage1

Last post my trendsetters, I told you that the fashion beast within me was awaken and I was left hungry for more. Well, I was given the opportunity to feed this beast at the recently held PompaWeekend at Divi Southwinds’ Pure Ocean Restaurant. Judging from last’s year event, I was excited to see this year’s fashion show and  I wasn’t disappointed as it introduced me to many new local designers that I was totally unaware of.

The PompWeekend, which is in its second year, is another opportunity for young fashion designers to showcase their designs. This year I have to say that organiser and publisher Toni Thorne and her team at Pompasette Magazine outdid themselves and gave the true definition of a seamless runway with close to 20 designers showing. There were so many collections to see and there was something for everyone including fashion for both males and females. The looks included elegant and casual ready to wear pieces, business wear, bridal wear and swimwear. The designs were chic, playful, urban and edgy with the use of colour, patterns and construction that ranged from demure to risque. I have to give credit were credit was due and even though some of the designers were self-taught, it truly didn’t show as the collections were of high standards.

As Toni always says,” Pompasette is more than just a magazine” and in addition to the stunning runway show the finalists of the “Wear the Issue” Inter-school competition held by Government Information Service (GIS) walked the catwalk in their T-shirt designs; there was also the launch of Settlers Season which was previously known as “Settlers: The West Coast Experience”; as well as entertainment provided by an artiste from the Honey Jam Jazz Barbados. Kudos must go out to Toni Thorne and her team on another successful event.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite designs:

pompwknd collage 2

pompwknd collage 3

pompwknd collage 4

Don’t forget to grab your free copy of the latest issue of the Pompasette Magazine available in various locations island-wide.

(BBFW) Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week 2014

bbfw 2014

For a brief moment I wanted to rip my shirt off with my bare hands and scream “feed me more” like WWE wrestler Ryback but with my son in hand and realization of my surroundings I had to refrain. BBFW 2014 had awaken my inner beast and left me hungry for more. The independence weekend kicked of at the Hilton Barbados Hotel with an invite only cocktail launch and press release that promised fashion enthusiasts that they were in for a treat. Take my word for it, as it was surely a weekend to remember with two nights of fresh and innovating designs showcasing Spring/Summer 2015 collections from both the local and international celebrity designers. The air was filled with loud coos of approval, blinding flashes and shuttering sounds of the cameras.

The runway shows kicked off with Jewelry by Antonia. It was a selection of beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets that ranged from simple yet stunning pieces to more elaborate breath taking ones. These designs would make the perfect statement piece as the could be worn with a red carpet look or easily dress up a more toned down outfit.

Jewelry by Antonia

The collection by Jacqueline Benn Schuppe  was named Ling Ling; a name she is affectionately known by and it was influenced by the 50’s.  Clever use of denim, tulle, lace and cotton modernized her vintage inspired pieces. One could never refer to her collection as dated with an array of dresses, classic blouses and skirts well accentuated with accessories appropriate to the time the era from pearls to turbans and other head pieces.

Ling Ling 1

Ling Ling 2

Ling Ling 3

Up and coming designer Carla Gittens fresh from Jamaica Mission Catwalk season 4 where she was first runner-up debuted her collection Designs By Carolori for the first time here at BBFW. Carla’s collection was feminine and give an air of effortless with bold bows and flowers to compliment some of the contemporary designs.

Designs By Carolori 1

Designs By Carolori 2

Designs By Carolori 3

Designs By Carolori

This was the second time for Charles Corvsky Dieujuste showing at BBFW and he surely lived up to expectations based on his previous showcase. Once again femininity and sophistication was evident as his collection breathed luxurious elegance with chic flowing pieces. Charles final piece was a crowd pleaser, comprising of a black lace and tulle dress which was more risque but it was still coherent with the other looks as it easily flowed down the runway.

Charles Corvsky Dieujuste 1

Charles Corvsky Dieujuste 2

Charles Corvsky Dieujuste

Learning a second language is always a plus and it offered me the privilege of working with designer Karlos Nunez as Dominica Republic as his translator. His menswear line entitled “Men Tailory” had a touch of the 40’s yet it was very modern. There was a wide selection of ready to wear pieces that were sharp and crisp accessorized with suspenders, gold chains links, hats and designer bags. His pieces showed great detail, craftsmanship and understanding of fabrics. Favorites with the crowd and myself were his trench coats pieces which had a hint of suspense to the character. Over all his collection would be perfect for the man looking for the “charming gentlemen” look.

Karlos Nunez 1

Karlos Nunez 2

Karlos Nunez 3

Karlos Nunez 4

The word “Anticipation” would be an understatement when referring to the level of excitement there was to see the collection “Alien Queen” by Viktor Luna finalist of Project Runway season 9. Viktor drew his inspiration from the pop king himself, the legend Michael Jackson. Just like Michael was ahead of his times, Viktor’s collection was avant-garde, futuristic, biker chic yet feminine. His designs mostly consisted of leather pieces, bondage straps, armor like details, spikes and studs giving a yin-yang feeling of good and bad merged into one. The final piece really embodied the collection’s name “Alien Queen” and at the end of his collection all I could say was ” Abduct me now! Beam me up Scottie”.

alien queen 1

alien queen 2 alien queen 3 alien queen 4

So there is no doubt in my mind and I can truly say that once again Barbados has proved to be the fashion capital in the Caribbean.

We Now Return To Our Regular Schedule

Hey my Trendsetters, I’m backkkk….

Natz The Rebel

To all my readers I deeply and humbly apologize for being M.I.A over the last couple of months. As much as I wanted to be blogging as usual, time just kept alluding me. So much has happened, but I won’t dive into every detail of the last couple of months but I would like to highlight one of my crowning moments.  Since I was away, I had the opportunity of experiencing the growth of another human being inside of me and I gave birth a beautiful baby boy I named Nathaniel.

8 mths pregnant8 mths pregnant

baby Nathaniel

Baby Nathaniel

Honestly, I became a bit overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a new mom. What I thought motherhood would be and the reality of what it really is kind of hit me for a six or as my american readers would say a home run. At times I felt as if I was in over my head, between taking care of my newborn son, working on my postpartum body  with the practice of yoga (I am so not about the pouch life) and all that stacked on top of my daily life.  I found it a bit hard to balance everything at first, thankfully everything is coming together and I’m balancing better now.

mom: busy job on earth

Now that my son is older and more independent or so he thinks, I have found time to start blogging again (insert happy dance). So you can look out for my posts coming your way especially my review for Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week 2014 that will be posted shortly and other fashion events I have left on the fashion calendar for this year.

Once again it’s great to be back.


Nathaniel and I

You’re Simply The Best

Radical Trendsetters 10000+ Views

To all my viewers,

Today’s special feature is for all of you who have visited and have been with following my blog from the very get go, I want to let you know how grateful and appreciative I am for your loyalty and support. Thanks to you, just shy of celebrating a year of blogging I’ve recently reached a milestone and recorded 10,000 plus views. This number may seem low and it may not be a big deal to some bloggers but to me it is and it is beyond anything I ever anticipated. I couldn’t have done it without you and throughout this experience I am able to live out my dreams and sharpen my skills and creativity. Honestly, blogging started as a hobby with the sole purpose of sharing my point on views and covering local fashion. Now the fact that it has become an extension of my life and that I would reach such a large demographic where I could meet new friends worldwide and get so many opportunities along the way is totally amazing.  I’m not a big fan of checking the stats or my blog isn’t a famous one nor am I doing it for the fame, but I’ve made it an objective of mine to maintain a high level of quality. So, the thought of thousands of people visiting my blog has left me with an immense joy as I believed that the only ones who would have been reading would be my friends and family. Now I want to hear from you as well, so feel free leave a comment on a post that you like or contact me via my contact page.

Again, thanks so much and I am extremely honored.

You’re Simply The Best,


Radical Trendsetters_ Heart


Blog’s First Birthday

happy birthday radical trendsetters

They say times flies when you’re having fun and oh how the time has flown, Radical Trendsetters is surely growing and it’s a year old today (insert happy dance). For me it’s a day filled with celebration, pride and joy and it means so much to me. I can remember my first post like it was yesterday and from then till now I am truly grateful to all of you for reading my posts and commenting.  When I look at my journey through this first year I refer to it as a beautiful garden, you can find the odd pretty bunch of wildflowers or wayward orchids along the road but you won’t find a beautiful garden just sprung up roadside. A garden requires someone to nurture and continue to care for it and such are the things of life which shows that hard work, determination, and persistence truly pays off. From that note, I can’t wait to see what the second year of blogging will bring and I look forward to sharing it with you. Thank you for your continuous support and love.



 Happy Birthday Radical Trendsetters, cheers to the 1st year of existence and to many more to come.

Happy New Year


As the clock struck 12 midnight, the night sky came alive with fireworks exploding into the air and we welcomed the beginning of a 2013. With every explosion my heart leapt with joy as I was filled with great expectations for the new year, but I decided that before I set out on accomplishing any of my goals for 2013, I would take a look back at the great moments and achievements of 2012.

2012 in retrospect, was a great year for me especially as a rookie within the fashion blogging community; here is a look at some of my best moments:

  • Began posting for Radical Trendsetters, my labour of love.

Radical Trendsetters

  • Attended the first ever Barbados International Fashion Festival and the Barbados Fashion Week 2012.

Barrio and I Barbados International Fashion Festival

BB Fashion Week

  • Did a piece on Barbados Fashion Week for an online e-magazine “Panache” from England.

panache e-magazine

  • Started my modelling career walking in 2 fashion shows which landed a photo of me in local Newspapers, I also did a feature for a local boutique on our local TV station.

(taking a break from the writing and hitting the runway)

Bridgetown Alive Fashion Show

12 Days of Chritmas Fashion Show

It had been a very exciting and inspiring year as I was fortunate to have made a lot of progress in 2012 and I’m already working on bringing you more awesome stuff in this coming year. Moreover I can’t wait to see what new experiences this new year has in store for both Radical Trendsetters and I.


So I would like  to thank your for sharing a fabulous 2012 with me and wish all of my readers a very happy and prosperous 2013.