You’re Simply The Best

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To all my viewers,

Today’s special feature is for all of you who have visited and have been with following my blog from the very get go, I want to let you know how grateful and appreciative I am for your loyalty and support. Thanks to you, just shy of celebrating a year of blogging I’ve recently reached a milestone and recorded 10,000 plus views. This number may seem low and it may not be a big deal to some bloggers but to me it is and it is beyond anything I ever anticipated. I couldn’t have done it without you and throughout this experience I am able to live out my dreams and sharpen my skills and creativity. Honestly, blogging started as a hobby with the sole purpose of sharing my point on views and covering local fashion. Now the fact that it has become an extension of my life and that I would reach such a large demographic where I could meet new friends worldwide and get so many opportunities along the way is totally amazing.  I’m not a big fan of checking the stats or my blog isn’t a famous one nor am I doing it for the fame, but I’ve made it an objective of mine to maintain a high level of quality. So, the thought of thousands of people visiting my blog has left me with an immense joy as I believed that the only ones who would have been reading would be my friends and family. Now I want to hear from you as well, so feel free leave a comment on a post that you like or contact me via my contact page.

Again, thanks so much and I am extremely honored.

You’re Simply The Best,


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