Valentine’s Day Outfits For The Hooked, Hitched or Free

valentine's day date night outfit ideas

Some people get wild and giddy each year when Valentine’s Day comes around and other for various reasons cringe at the idea. But the bottom line is my trendsetters is that we all like to look our best no matter our relationship status, whether it be hooked, hitched or free. So here’s some outfit inspiration for date night on Valentine’s Day……

For my ladies with a significant other, it doesn’t matter if you will be going on a first date or if you’re going out with your longtime love, the goal is to keep your date’s eyes on you and keep him close all night long. Take your pick for a date night that includes a fancy romantic dinner with a lush setting or maybe you just want to catch a romance comedy at the movies and then dinner or drinks……..

Date Night 1

Date Night 2

For my single ladies you don’t have to stay home, it’s a great opportunity for a Girl’s Night Out with the squad and either treat yourselves with a nice dinner date or party the night away. Gather up all your single friends on valentine’s day and celebrate the love of friendship ……

Girl Night Out 1

Girl Night Out 2

So if you’re hooked, hitched or free, let’s go out and celebrate love no matter what.

Happy Valentine Day My Trendsetters


Valentine’s Day Outifts

He love me, he loves me not,

Forget that old saying, I still going look hot.

Natz Eastmond


Valentine’s Day is coming once again and nearly everything and everyone will be covered in red, some love this time of the month while others dread it. However after living in Venezuela were they refer to this day as “the day of love and friendship” (El Día de Amor y Amistad), I feel that we can all enjoy this day  even if you don’t have a significant other. My first ever Valentine was my mom and even up till now she still gives me a nice card, a rose and chocolate every year. So, we can still celebrate this day and appreciate all the love received throughout our lives from family and friends. Come on, we don’t need to be “in love” to look chic. Whether you plan to spend that day or night on a date, hanging out with some friends or ride out the day solo  home watching movies, it doesn’t matter.

So if you’re looking for some outfit ideas with colors other than the traditional all over red here are a few:

The Date

Wear something that is flirty and  adds charm.

  • Pink Dress
Pretty In Pink
  • The Little Black Dress
A Pop of Red
  • Floral Print

Riding Solo/ Night on the Town / Hanging Out With Friends

Try wearing something that’s chic and comfortable.

Free Spirit
Let's Tango
Life Is A Peach
So however you decide to spend Valentine’s Day, stay chic and fab!