Fashion Essentials

Being fashion conscious doesn’t mean you have to go break a bank just because you can’t splurge money on haute couture designs, neither does it  means you can’t still be trendy. A fashion forward woman’s wardrobe should reflect quality and not quantity with more versatile looks that could be worn in different ways for different occasions.  Invest your money in  essentials and basics, also customize and recycle old outfits to get new and unique pieces to acquire your desired look that suits your lifestyle.

A fashionista is always associated with having tons of clothes and accessories; but most of us don’t have the option of  having a walk-in wardrobe, so we end up with wardrobes crammed with clothes and spilling over with shoes and bags, plus  a clutter of accessories. The real problem is  the urge to buy new ones because we don’t have anything to wear or feel that our outfit is incomplete. The reason for this is that  we are lacking the wardrobe essentials that every woman should have. These essentials are the base of your styling and should be pieces that never fade no matter the trend and flexible enough to create various looks. Theses pieces  fall into two categories:

Canvas: they have to be accentuated and build upon to create the look desired.

Mediator: they either tone down or glam up an outfit.

So here are the top essentials, stick by this  list add then to your latest trends and you will to be always be fabulously chic and glamorous.

Hair Accessories: hair bands, clips  and other hair details can make a simple up-do  or keep hair out of the face in a glamorous way.

 Statement Jewellery: a look can be changed dramatically with touch of a statement  jewelry piece be it earrings, bangles, rings, brooches or necklaces.

 ■ Sun Glasses: find a pair that suits your face and rock them with your outfit as they add a level of mystery.

 Lingerie Corsets and Underwear: the secret to ensure the proper fit of your outfit, depends on getting the support and slimming effect where you need it the most.

Jewel Tones: clothing in these hues will add a subtle burst of color to your wardrobe, keeping the look  vibrant.

Vests and T-Shirts: perfect  as they can be worn either dressed up or laid back. Also they are  ideal for creating that layering effect. Choose from the basic cut or from the various styles like v-necked, low round collar, with a pocket, long or short sleeves.

Blazers, Cardigan and Jackets: they create a chic sophisticated look and instantly completes any look making it appear well put together.

 Jeggings and Leggings: One of God’s gifts to women, they are multipurpose  as they can be worn at most events, plus they add length to the legs and are comfortable.

Jeans: another piece that can be worn dressed up or laid back. They are many styles of jeans but the style that never fades are straight jeans. The key is to choosing the perfect jeans are to buy pair that fit you well. Also, at least have one jeans of color amongst your traditional blue jeans to change the vibe up a little.

Little Black Dress:  worn night or day, work or play; choose a black dress that flatters your body shape. Depending on the design of the dress it can be worn either glammed up with high-heels or toned down with flats.

Vintage Clothes: dress in all over vintage clothes  you’ll look like a blast from the past; but more incorporate a vintage pieces into your look and they will give you an edge.

An Attractive Purse: even though it spends most of it time in your bag, your purse should be chic portraying a little of your personality and functional as much as possible.

A Colorful Bag: such a basic accessory but it can be a statement piece no matter the size or shape can add life to a simple outfit.

A Cross-Body Bag: small and trendy and are great to hold your essentials giving a more carefree feeling.

High-Heels: a nice pair of heels is the perfect fashion statement that makes your legs seem longer, highlights femininity and gives a boost in confidence. Always have a black pair as they tend to go with everything along with your other shades of colors.

 ■ Flats: whether they are ballet or sandals, flats are chic and are comfortable and they too can guarantee the feminine appearance. Most important is that they can be worn with almost any outfit.



At the end of it all the most essential thing you should have in your wardrobe is Your Own Style, which reveals your personality and uniqueness.

So there you have it, the fashion essentials every woman should have in her wardrobe; what other essentials do you think are vital; let’s me have a hear from you.