(BBFW) Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week_Second Showcase

Barbados Independence Square

After the rain out comes the sun;
Shining in the sky bright like a diamond.

With a sunny start for the second day, Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week 2013 (BBFW) was very eventful with the first ever kids fashion show and a night that proved to be one that was not to be missed by any fashion lover.

The duo designers for the kids show was Giordan William of Barbados, who debuted the Lemon Lily  for the girls and the Bearded Gecko for the boys. The young models brought smiles to faces of those attending as they strutted down the runway in designs that were the bit age-appropriate, fun and very charming.

bearded gecko - bbfw

bearded gecko 2

lemon lily 2

Lemon Lily - bbfw 2013

lemon lily 3

lemon lily 4

In the night-time segment, there were more local designers as well as some from the Caribbean region and they all pulled out the stops bringing their A game. Getting the party started was Isabelle Baulu from Barbados with her Sea Reinas swimwear collection. The line was very feminine and chic from bikinis adorned with frills and fringe accessories to sultry one pieces.

sea reinas 1 -bbfw

sea reinas

Then Kesia hyped up the evening more with her Kiss Urban Collection. Known for her ‘good girl gone bad’ street-wear style, the models appropriately paraded to the track “bad girls” by M.I.A with plenty of spunk and attitude. The only word that came instantly to my mind in regards to KISS was ‘wicked’ and this year Kesia include some men pieces to her collection and they were just as wicked as the women’s.

kiss - bbfw

kiss 1- bbfw

kiss 2 -bbfw

kiss 3

The evening continued on a high as the first designer from the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago was  Dawn Scott of Dawn Creations with his menswear line. His collection displayed great craftsmanship, as his tailoring was impeccable with clean lines exquisite details. He turned the male models into “sharply dressed businessmen” as they came the runway.

dawn creations 1 - bbfw
dawn creation 2 - bbfw

Continuing to fly the Trinidadian and Tobagan flag high was the two part team of Anthony Red and Charu Lochan Dass which came together to showcase the collection entitled Island Fusion. This line was a great hit with the fashion lovers, the women’s line was very elegant and sensual with a few risqué pieces; while the men’s line was more casual and relaxed.

Island Fusion 1- bbfw

Island Fusion 2 - bbfw

Island Fusion 3 - bbfw

Island Fusion 4 - bbfw

Final designer of the night was Kimon Baptiste of Kimystic Designs hailing from St. Vincent. She brought a true Caribbean feeling to the night with her use of bright tropical colors in designs that came in casual pieces to classy elegant gowns.

kymistic 1 - bbfw
kymistic 2 - bbfw

kymistic 3 - bbfw

kymistic 4

The second showcase was quite a grand showing I couldn’t wait to see the final night’s showcase.

*All photos aren’t mine, some photos belong to fellow fashion blogger Natasha Beckles of In My Wardrobe.

Barbados Fashion Week 2012: 2nd Night

“Everywhere I go,

People what to know

How I look good so,

Barbados I come From!”

Exerts from a Barbadian folklore song

The splendor of Barbados Fashion Week 2012 continued as we were graced by the presence of designers from our neighboring Caribbean islands of Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago, proving that Barbados is the Fashion hub of the caribbean. Eight designers one hailing from Guyana and seven recent graduates of Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, showed their Spring/Summer 2013 collections on the night appropriately named ‘Caribbean Fiesta’.

The first designer to hit the runway was Guyanese Carol Frazer and a hit indeed she was as her collection had a natural vibe with a sense of ease and comfort. The collection brought a reassuring and nice change from the usual expectations of the runway consisting of light-weight fabrics and prints including hand painted designs and accessories. Carol’s use of unconventional materials like rope was also warmly received by the attendees.

Next was designer Anicia Brooks from Trinidad, whose collection found the right balance between glam punk and girly. Her collection had fashion-forward visual aesthetics with the use of leather, spikes and studs, jersey and jeans. Anicia collection was one of my favorites designers of the night bringing an aura of urban chic to the night.

Trinidadian designer Linda Joseph exhibited a collection that was simple but yet chic. Her effortless incorporation of minimal silhouettes, geometric construction and emphasis on strong shoulders and neck-lines gave a luxurious and feminine touch to the collection.

Another designer from the Trinidad was designer Makisa Lewis. The models came down the runway donning pieces from the collection that were very feminine and sophisticated. Makisa mastered the use of ruffles and sheer creating movement with her pieces and contrasting sassy with elegance.

The only male designer from Trinidad contingent was Mark Eastman showcasing his collection which highlighted his tailoring skills. His collection would be the boast of any fierce, fashionable woman. He wonderfully manipulated the materials to create gorgeous flowing pieces injecting swimsuits into collection as well.

Another designer from Trinidad was one who stood out to me as a pioneer was Natasha Lewis, despite being wheelchair bound she didn’t see it as a hindrance and honed her skills of creating solid lines. Natasha’s produced a  collection consisting of contemporary elegant looks.

From the looks of Sharon Christopher collection, it appeared as if she was designing for the working woman in mind. This designer from Trinidad had a collection that was polished and chic as Sharon tastefully used intricate pleats throughout her collection which give the feeling of extreme femininity.

Bring the second night to a close was Stacy Smith also of Trinidad who exhibited a collection employing intriguing cut-outs and colorful designs all the while creating flattering shapes as well.

It was another fabulous night produced by Unique Production Worldwide Ltd and filled with a potpourri of designs from our Caribbean designers.


Photo Credit: Cullen Perrotte


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