The Elegance Of The Mark

We are in the times where there are many luxury brands around but few can boast of their longevity in the business. Louis Vuitton was an entrepreneur and designer who create a brand which has grown into a world-renowned luxury leather and lifestyle brand, iconic to fashion. Born August 4th 1821, Louis Vuitton Malletiers became affectedly known as Louis Vuitton went from humble beginnings to create an empire before his death in February 27th 1892 and his name and the brand is still thriving today.

Vuitton came from a family background of joiners, carpenters, farmers and milliners, so when he ran away from home to Paris as a teenage he was quickly taken in as an apprentice under Monsieur Marechal a successful box-maker and packer. Vuitton worked there until a few months after his marriage on April 22 1854, when he later opened his own box-making and packing shop on Rue Neuve des Capucines, Paris.

In the courtyard of the Vuitton workshops in Asnières, Paris

Vuitton’s fame and popularity came when  he introduced his flat waxed trunks made with Trianon canvas, which were lightweight and airtight and convenient for traveling and shipping. Before the Vuitton’s trunks, rounded-top trunks to promote water run off were used but they were heavier and couldn’t be stacked. Therefore, since he was able to eliminate the difficulties surrounding the round-top trunks, his business quickly took off and the brand Louis Vuitton began on the road to success.

After his  death the Louis Vuitton brand continued as his son Georges Vuitton decided to build it into a worldwide corporation patenting the label’s LV monogram and putting it on all the products to stop with counterfeiting. Ironically the LV brand is one of the most counterfeited brands and presently,  the brand has taken further action as the signature striped pattern used has been registered as a trademark, prohibiting others from using that particular pattern.

Georges Vuitton with his family

Over the years the Louis Vuitton brand has expanded globally and incorporated other products into the brand. In 1997, Marc Jacobs took on the role as artistic director and under his directorship the brand debuted a women collection and then a men’s clothing line the following year. In 2001, Louis Vuitton introduced jewelery to the brand with charm bracelets and watches a year later. Now, the Louis Vuitton brand has products presently ranging from luxury trunks, leather goods, clothing, shoes, watches, jewelery, accessories, sunglasses and more.

The Louis Vuitton brand also is involved in socially and has incorporated fashion with international events and campaigns like The Louis Vuitton Classic for automobile collectors and The Louis Vuitton Cup for yachting. In June 2012, Muhammad Ali his grandson were used in the label’s latest Core Values campaign as seen below.


In 2004, Louis Vuitton celebrated its 150th anniversary making it to date 158 yrs old, so it’s no doubt that it is one of the world’s most exciting and coveted brands as it has always been a classic and edgy.  Whether it be because of ‘no resale policy’, the unique monogram design or the elite club feeling it gives it customers, success of the brand is very evident.

Barbados Fashion Week 2012: What I Wore

Fashion is very important, it is life enhancing

and like everything that gives pleasure,

it is worth doing well.

Vivienne Westwood

After attending this year’s fashion week, I was surely not disappointed as I witnessed many fabulous collections over the three runway nights from the various designers. The directors of Unique Productions Worldwide Ltd promised that it would be ‘Fierce, Fabulous & Furious’ and told us the attendees to ‘Dress For It’. Having that in mind I went about creating a wardrobe and strategically styling my looks, so to make a long story short let me just quote Nicki Minaj and say “I did it on em”.

Take a look at my ensembles all styled by myself for BB Fashion Week 2012: (PS. I don’t drop label names, just style)

Outfit for BB Fashion Week Launch.

Printed dress with harness designed by me.

Outfit  for the first runway night themed Glam Night .

Head piece and earring designed by me.

Outfit for the second runway night themed Caribbean Fiesta Night themed.

Outfit for the final night themed A Toast To Fashion. Jacket and earrings designed by me.

Fashion Fades But Style Is Eternal – Yves Saint Laurent

Barbados Fashion Week 2012: 3rd Night

Barbados……The Gem Of The Caribbean

Basking in the excitement from the designs of the previous exciting nights of BB Fashion Week 2012 , it was bittersweet for me when it came to the final night themed ‘A Toast To Fashion’. This night the attendees saw two designers who showed sleek, fresh designs for their Spring/Summer 2013 collections.

The night opened with Barbadian Rykii de Jude who revealed an all male collection. His designs were very radiant as the male models looked like perfect gentlemen and strutting in dapper pieces. Jude’s menswear was very modern and could be coveted by both young and mature men. His eye for detail was also very prominent as there were many hand-made accentuated additions. From Jude’s collection the attendees were able to see his passion for polish and well-tailored designs.

The night climaxed with designer Charles Dieujuste of the USA, his coherent collection looked effortless and had air of elegance about it. He displayed great execution in his designs as they were sauntered down the runway. Three words came to mind when I saw the variety of his collection and they were sophisticated, chic and feminine. Charles was another designer whose collection could easily find its way into my closet.

At the end of BB fashion Week 2012, I can surly say that I experienced an unforgettable event produced by Unique Production Worldwide Ltd. It was evident that the wheel of progress is spinning not only for the designers from Barbados but that of our fellow Caribbean countries as well. This force won’t be retained and in a few years time I look forward to seeing these incredible designers frequently on international runways.

So cheers to BB Fashion Week 2012 and to all the designers and I can’t wait till next year to do it all over again.

Photo Credit: Cullen Perrotte


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Barbados Fashion Week 2012: 2nd Night

“Everywhere I go,

People what to know

How I look good so,

Barbados I come From!”

Exerts from a Barbadian folklore song

The splendor of Barbados Fashion Week 2012 continued as we were graced by the presence of designers from our neighboring Caribbean islands of Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago, proving that Barbados is the Fashion hub of the caribbean. Eight designers one hailing from Guyana and seven recent graduates of Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, showed their Spring/Summer 2013 collections on the night appropriately named ‘Caribbean Fiesta’.

The first designer to hit the runway was Guyanese Carol Frazer and a hit indeed she was as her collection had a natural vibe with a sense of ease and comfort. The collection brought a reassuring and nice change from the usual expectations of the runway consisting of light-weight fabrics and prints including hand painted designs and accessories. Carol’s use of unconventional materials like rope was also warmly received by the attendees.

Next was designer Anicia Brooks from Trinidad, whose collection found the right balance between glam punk and girly. Her collection had fashion-forward visual aesthetics with the use of leather, spikes and studs, jersey and jeans. Anicia collection was one of my favorites designers of the night bringing an aura of urban chic to the night.

Trinidadian designer Linda Joseph exhibited a collection that was simple but yet chic. Her effortless incorporation of minimal silhouettes, geometric construction and emphasis on strong shoulders and neck-lines gave a luxurious and feminine touch to the collection.

Another designer from the Trinidad was designer Makisa Lewis. The models came down the runway donning pieces from the collection that were very feminine and sophisticated. Makisa mastered the use of ruffles and sheer creating movement with her pieces and contrasting sassy with elegance.

The only male designer from Trinidad contingent was Mark Eastman showcasing his collection which highlighted his tailoring skills. His collection would be the boast of any fierce, fashionable woman. He wonderfully manipulated the materials to create gorgeous flowing pieces injecting swimsuits into collection as well.

Another designer from Trinidad was one who stood out to me as a pioneer was Natasha Lewis, despite being wheelchair bound she didn’t see it as a hindrance and honed her skills of creating solid lines. Natasha’s produced a  collection consisting of contemporary elegant looks.

From the looks of Sharon Christopher collection, it appeared as if she was designing for the working woman in mind. This designer from Trinidad had a collection that was polished and chic as Sharon tastefully used intricate pleats throughout her collection which give the feeling of extreme femininity.

Bring the second night to a close was Stacy Smith also of Trinidad who exhibited a collection employing intriguing cut-outs and colorful designs all the while creating flattering shapes as well.

It was another fabulous night produced by Unique Production Worldwide Ltd and filled with a potpourri of designs from our Caribbean designers.


Photo Credit: Cullen Perrotte


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Barbados Fashion Week 2012: 1st Night

“If you’re proud to be a Bajan

Put all your flags up, put all your flags up

And if you represent the nation

Let me see rags up, let me see rags up

we talking about the blue, yellow, blue,yellow blue……..”

Chorus of Colours by Natalie Burke ft Shontelle

With the completion of each year’s fashion week, Barbados has claimed its spot on the Caribbean map of fashion and is now making a mark internationally as it has been officially noted on the Global Fashion Week calendar. The fashion industry here is finally evolving, bringing to mind a phrase from my years in Venezuela “Hasta La Revolucion” meaning “Until the Revolution”. The fashion revolution was definitely taking place on 26th of October, the first night of BB Fashion Week 2012 themed  ‘Glam Night,’.  The Spring/Summer 2013 collections were featured by  five designers representing the USA, Bahamas and Barbados, each with their own unique style.

The first designer to open the night was Kenneth Barlis from the Philippines now based in the USA. Kenneth made a grand entrance bringing a ‘romantic feeling’ to the runway with his one of the kind couture gowns and cocktail dresses. He showed a full understanding of  how to design for a woman’s body with structured silhouettes and paid close attention to the details. Kenneth vibrant collection also incorporated the use of natural materials into his looks  like rooster feathers and sea shells. Also he was accompanied by international model Candice Edwin.

The next designer of the night was Courtney McIntosh from the Bahamas and it was hard to ignore her sultry swimwear collection. The collection had the perfect balance between daring and demure using the cut-out and animal print trends. These stunning designs including  bikinis to crochet pieces adding a refreshing element to the show.

Designer Joan White was the first Barbadian designer of the night with her outstanding and extremely unique creations.  Joan’s collection was colorful, showing skill and dedication with dresses accentuated with plenty of details including hand paintings on some of the designs.

Fellow Barbadian designer Brandi Estwick presented a stunning collection that was fresh. Even though it was a small collection,  it still made an impressionable impact with the attendees as Brandi presented an edgy black and white collection.

The final designer and one of the most anticipated of the first night was the promising Barbadian Kesia Eswick, who showed great development, ability  and style. Kesia who benefited from the Adopt-A-Designer program with Romero Bryan and Oliver Tolentino, created magic on the runway as she displayed not one but two collections.  She successfully married the soft feminine look and the hard edgy look together. For her first collection “Kiss The Girl’,  was full of prints with hearts, lips and skeleton hands widely used on her designs, with a tasteful touch of leather throughout the collection. Kesia’s second collection ‘Lilith’ was more elegant with simple chic designs that were very avant-garde.

The first night started off with a bang and at the end of the night they were many glamorous designs exhibited making it in deed a Glam Night. This night and the remaining night  were produced by Unique Production Worldwide Ltd.

Photo Credit:Cullen Perrotte

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